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VOTE - Logolympiad 2011 - Event 2


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Eight entries are competing for medals for Event 2! One submission was dismissed because it did not follow the rules specified for the event.

The requirements for the Field Art event were:

The National Basketball Association (NBA) has signed a deal with the Euroleague Basketball! The NBA champions will meet the EB champions for a one-game championship at a neutral-site. Your task is to design a basketball court for the one-game championship.

  • The court must display the logo of both teams. Do NOT create an event logo, as this is not a criteria on which the event will be evaluated.
  • Your submission must include the city name, as well as the year of the championship. No specific date is necessary.
  • Make sure that for the year you select, the teams you have on your court have won their respective league championship.

List your 3 favorites, ranked 1, 2, 3.

The poll closes Monday, October 10th, at 1:00PM Eastern Time (three days from now).



Entry #1

Entry #2

Entry #3

Entry #4

Entry #5

Entry #6

Entry #7

Entry #8

Disqualified entry

sparky chewbarky's entry was disqualified since the Los Angeles Lakers did not win the NBA Championship in 2011. They would have played against Panathinaikos in 2009. Since it was clearly stated in the rules, I have no choice but to disqualify his entry. As usual, I still want everyone to see all entries, so here's the link:

sparky chewbarky's entry


The voting will be open to public voting once the event is officially over. Once the finalists have been posted in the event thread, voting will be open for 3 days.

Judging is open to all board members registered BEFORE September 1st. This is to ensure no one is voting for themselves under an alternate login.

Members may vote once per event and may not vote for their own entry (I'll know if you did, and will not count your vote). You may not disclose the identity of any of the designers of the entries until voting closes.

Voting will be via the 3-2-1 points method. Voters will be asked to post their choice for a gold, silver and bronze winner. Gold votes are worth 3 points, Silver worth 2, Bronze worth 1.

Four times IHL Nielson Cup Champions - Montréal Shamrocks (2008-2009 // 2009-2010 // 2012-2013 // 2014-2015)

Five times TNFF Confederation Cup Champions - Yellowknife Eagles (2009 CC VI // 2010 CC VII // 2015 CC XII // 2017 CC XIV // 2018 CC XV)

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