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Classic / Keep it / Tweek it / Lose it (NCAA edition)


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In this thread, pick 4 (JUST 4) logos you think are a true classic, or if they should keep, tweek, or trash it. Examples at the bottom.

Classic: (a logo that stands the test of time)

Texas Longhorns


Keep it: (a logo that has potential to become a classic)

TCU Horned Frogs


Tweek it: (a logo that should have a change or two.... or more to pass)

UT-Arlington Mavericks


Lose it: (a complete trash logo that has to be thrown out...)

Texas Southern Tigers



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No change will ever be required. Ever.



It looks dated and there's so much that could be done, but it's too distinctive. It needs to remain as is.



Somebody on this forum did a superb update to this logo, shows how a few refinements can go a long way.



I honestly thought this was fake, but they use it still to this day. It looks just...just awful. The feathers look like somebody conjured them up in MS paint. The whole thing looks cheap. Complete overhaul needed.

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The awkward outlines and such totally ruin this logo for me. I would love to see an update interlocking UK logo for Kentucky.

This logo is loved by the fans of Kentucky, it is so much better than their previous logo by leaps and bounds. Here are some logos in their history:


K Logo

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One of the most underrated logos in collegiate sports. It epitomizes classic and iconic.

Keep it:


Alot of people I know consider this outdated, but I've always liked it. I really enjoy clever logos like this one.

Tweak it:


The drum and feathers is beloved by many Utah fans, and should never leave. However, the feathers are quite sloppy. I would totally welcome a modernized, updated version.

Lose it:


This has been dated for many years. I've never come around to liking it at all, and especially looks cheap on the football helmets. It's time for an overhaul for the Aggies (I wouldn't mind a switch to the simple block "A" - It's much more iconic to the USU community and it is used predominantly all over campus. Might as well.)

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Tweak It:


sc changed the helmet logo to a tommy trojan silhoutte to coincide with the school's centennial...it only lasted a year so I don't think you'll see any tweaks of the trojan ever again...in addition I'm torn on whether the cardinal or the gray masks look better...I also prefer the shinier material to the matte dri fit that they use today.

this is the best image I could find http://a.espncdn.com/photo/2011/1026/la_g_mcginest_cr_400.jpg

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(Classic U. Never going away.)

Keep it


(Awesome logo they need to use more.)

Tweak it


(One of my favorite college logos. I think it could be improved on slightly, ever so slightly, it's really an awesome logo as is.)

Trash it


(He looks like he wants to give me a hug, not attack me. Way better options for pirate style logos.)

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That Boise logo is terrible. The head on its own (PC helmet) is good, but the horse neck sticking out of the wordmark is just bad

I prefer the head-only version but I could find a picture of it that isn't obnoxiously big.

the head only version is one that could become a classic IMO. They really need to put it on the helmet (at a reasonable size)

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Classic: Oregon


? Anyone who can make a letter as simple the letter "O" iconic deserves to keep their logo.

Keep it:Penn State


? Penn State will persevere. This logo should too. It's one of the first sports logos I ever fell in love with.

Tweek it:Navy


? Make it less detailed. Definitely lessen the shading.

Lose it:Coastal Carolina


? [sigh] The first time I saw this logo, I laughed, out loud, for nearly 5 minutes. Just look at it. No pupils in its eyes. The placement of its fist suggest it is making a highly inappropriare hand motion. And it's teal. Teal may be fine for a pro team, but for college it's not.

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