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Some Work on the NBA

Berlin Wall

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I like this concept a lot! In the teaser video the Nets put out, it seemed like a silhouette of the Brooklyn Bridge entry would somehow work its way into the branding, I know someone on here put that as their side panel. It will be interesting if that gets worked in. Myself, I would buy your jersey, it's pitch-perfect, I think.

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I definitely like the court. The jerseys are solid as well, but two things:

1. The shield is too big. It takes attention away from the script, which should be the main focus.

2. If you're going with a black shield on black, go with a white shield on white. It would look a lot better and stick out less.

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Thanks for the feedback. Maybe I will change a lil things on these Unis.

First I want to show you my other creations I've done.

So, I tried to create an optimized look for the Pistons.


And additionally a new alternate uni for the Nuggets.


PS: I like it retro! B)

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Will someone please make a real life version of that Nuggets vest and send it to me?!


Brooklyn Nets - Lovely jerseys, I actually like the black shield on white but maybe the shields could be a bit lower, and go for broke is right about those black shorts.

Detroit Pistons - Solid. Nice jerseys, nothing I got too excited about but good work.

Denver Nuggets - I LOOOOOVE IIIIT! I want it in my wardrobe, I want it in other peoples wardrobes, and if my wardrobe had its own wardrobe, id want it in there too. Im a big retro fan and in my humble opinion, its awesome. Im a big fan of your soccer concepts and im becoming a fan of yours in general.

Nice work

PS - I really like that Nuggets jersey... :D

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I'd definitely buy all of your Nuggets concepts. I usually don't like retro just because it's most not well done, but these are fantastic...I always liked the old Nuggets scheme but this is a great improvement over what they wear currently...I really like all of these concepts...nice job. The only think I don't like is the font on the Brooklyn jerseys...seems to generic...but I like the shield.


You should send these to the teams, they'd be wise to accept them.

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I like the uniform concepts. I understand you like the Raptors' clawmark pinstripes, but those were so gaudy in my eyes. Lol. Did you use the Eagles' nameplate font for the Denver Nuggets uniform scripts? Those Denver uniforms are pretty sweet.

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Claw marks? I always thought those stripes were like vibration/rumble marks from the sound of heavy footprints, which, now that I think about it, doesn't make sense for a relatively small dinosaur.

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