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Parts of a uniform you associate a player with


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I got the idea for this from the Nike NFL unifroms thread when people said that Tom Brady changing his helmet was weird, because his old helmet was iconic.

I associate Ben Roethlisberger with the glove on his throwing hand during freezing cold games.


I always think of Peyton Manning when I think of the Revo helmet. He's easily the best player to ever wear the type of helmet, and I believe was the first big time star to use it.


When I think of Troy Polamalu, well this one explains itself.


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Scott Player with the single-bar face mask since he was the last to use it (I think):


Barry Bonds and his armor:


And even though he only wore if for a little while, David Wright and the Great Gazoo helmet:


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As a relative youngster, for me the helmet/cage hybrid mask is a toss-up between Hasek and Osgood, but as the years roll on, I think Hasek will ultimately be the one who comes to mind when I think of that style of mask.


Since the thread's probably, by necessity, going to move in the uniform accessory direction, I also always associate Henrik Lundqvist with the white gloves he wears underneath his hockey gloves, as well as with his chunky blue neck-guard.


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Many have come since, but I always think of Dre Bly as the first instance of the "bike shorts" football pants:


And of course there's the jersey tucked in on one side that's synonymous with Wayne Gretzky:


Many hockey goalie masks could probably fit in this category too.

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Speaking of neck rolls--and spectacles, for that matter...


And for whoever it was that mentioned tape, well...there was one guy who may as well have owned stock in it:


(That's Art Shell, for those not in the know.)

And then there's Bryan Cox, he of the famous "headboard":



And the "other thing" he used to always do:


And, just as bonus fun...since we're speaking of backwards headgear, I'll just leave this here.


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