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College Basketball 2013-14


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They weren't there until sometime in the late 80s, I believe.

The side panels on the shorts were added in 1980-81 when the uniforms were redesigned to the original version of the current model along with Coach K's arrival. The side panels were extended to the jerseys in 1988. The v-point was added to the shorts for the 1994-5 season. The rounded neckline on these fauxbacks are reminiscent of the 1962/3 - 1976/77 era jerseys. In no way do these jerseys throwback to 1991/1992 other than the lack of black, which is a massive upgrade.

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Anyone got any pictures of the Duke uniforms you guys' are talking about.

Nope, they were out of the tournament before anyone could take a picture.

What a disgrace, i had them as a final 4 team..........facepalm

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I was scared when I saw Michigan in maize shorts in warmups, but the colors aren't nearly as close as I originally thought. Great looking game color-wise. Both teams wearing Adidas templates is not so great.

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