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Charlotte Bobcats Logo Overhaul


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Well, since I've decided to become a Bobcats fan this coming season (though they're on parole in my book), I decided to try and fix the awful rendering of their logo on my own. The wordmark is a bit of a hackjob I did in Photoshop b/c I didn't feel like making one, but the other changes should be apparent. What do you guys think of it?


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Nitroseed, It's nice. My problem, the ear covers up the 'A'. I don't like logos that has part the script covered. Just my taste.

My problem with the real Bobcats logo is that the bobcat should be at the centre, not to the right.

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Isn't the point that the bobcat in the logo kind of looks like the carolinas outline, like the Panthers logo is supposed to?

Thats not to say that nitros isn't a lot better, just that it moves away from a crucial design feature of the original.

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Now that I compare the real version to nitro's version, it looks as though the cat on the real version is a runt. It can barely open it's eyes or even get it's damn mouth open. What the hell is it going to do, catch mice like a normal house cat?

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It's pretty much ........perfect. There is one part, the fact that the little slit of tongue implies 3/4 view while nothing else does, that bothers me. But realistically, we all know that with a few minutes of your time using buckets of talent (and common sense) you have in effect "fixed" the Bobcats problems.

What I don't understand is how come for $100G or whatever this monstrosity costs, why don't they all have a Nitro, or (a Sterling hint hint HINT) somebody on staff to say......."hold up......and...........just move this ....to.........there...........DONE!"

Its the massaging baby. Its all in the details. You saw the potential and massaged it out. Simple. Freaking Good Will Hunting over here with his skills.

"Do you have any idea how easy this is for me??!?!"

WHY!!?! Why can't they?

NOt to turn the topic into "All about Sterling" but I felt I did a pretty similar thing on the Phoenix Coyotes and got lit up for it.

There is nothing on earth as aggravating to me as the fact that these crap designs could be easily fixed.

Whats their problem?

Dammit! I want your BCats logo to be the real one.

Now I'm forever going to look at their crap as the ugly stepchild of yours.

Anyway, great jorb.

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Why this work is nothing short of FAN-PENDOUSLY STU-TASTIC!!!


I mean... oh, well... you know what I mean.


Brian in Boston

It must be good its left BiB lost for words!

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Simply outstanding. Just...wow.

My only comment/suggestion beyond the obligatory drooling sound and the noise my jaw makes when it hangs so far off my face is that it looks weird keeping the crappy wordmark with a significantly upgraded logo.

Yowza, that's good.

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First off I just want to say that this is amazing. It looks like you designed the orginal about 10 years ago when you first started designing, then went back to it now and revamped it to your skill level now. (I'm not saying you were that bad back then, you may have been great as you are now, I'm just judging it by my view as a 22 year old and 10 years ago i would have been 12.)

Now, I still think the essense of the Carolinas shape is there. Its not as obvious as the first, but I think LITTLE things like that are cool. If you see a logo for the 30th time and finally go...woah...its the carolinas. I think that makes a sweet logo, one that everytime you examine it, it brings a new element to the table.

i don't mind the tounge. Tounges don't always go straight out and sometimes I think you need that line whatever the profile to make it more dynamic.

I also am a little uneasy about the ear covering the A. I however don't care if a logo goes over a wordmark, but in this case, it covers it just a bit much. A logo has depth when certain elements are covering other ones. Other than that one little thing...top notch! A+, No 1! (even with that one little thing its freakin' awesome!)



Edit thought: Wouldn't it be amazing if they were messing with us the whole time? Cause it seems like they are. Putting a horrible logo out there that everyone thinks is the real one, all while keeping the greatest logo in the world locked up in Bob Johnson's safe in Charrlotte??? And then they uveil it on their new uniforms tonight?! If I owned a team, I'd do it....

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