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Go Red Sox!

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This is my latest logo concept for the Seattle Mariners. I didn't want to change the basic character of the original design, so I just modernized the whole package.

Metallic silver is now gone and was replaced by Cadet Gray – a blue-grayish shade of gray. Also gone are the red stitches on the baseball which, to me, scream "nineties"!

The "Seattle" road uniform logo is now equally beveled, gone is the "flag-in-the-wind"-look.

Hope you like it...

Link to the updated Seattle Mariners uniform concept: http://boards.sportslogos.net/topic/97554-u-p-d-a-t-e-seattle-mariners-uniform-concept-w-redesigned-logos/





Home/away cap logo


Alternate cap logo






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Rock solid concept you have here. Only thing I would do is fix that road script. Most of the word Seattle is arched, but the S is not. It looks weird.

Thank you! I thought of a flag blowing in the wind. The "S" is supposed to be the flagpole, while the rest of the word has the shape of a flag waving in the wind.

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Since you're using a super-angular S, what about putting little barbs on the tips of the S? Your beveling has them looking sharp - I mean literally sharpened, like a blade - so why not make 'em fishhooks?

Actually I've already tried that out, pretty much in the beginning after I finished my sketches. But I soon found out that – in combination with the sharp and angular shapes of the compass – the logo would have gotten overloaded with edgy and angular looking shapes. Without the compass, it definitely would have worked.

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the s is way too similar to the bucs new s


I disagree. Tampa is a lot more angular and boxy while his is more fluid. Plus, the shadowing is different.

I gotta say, RedSox, this is a great set. I'm very impressed.

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