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Creamer Concept World Cup - PLEASE SUBMIT


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Alright boys, here is my idea for a new competition. I really hate doing them back to back, with the European Soccer Concept Cup, but I thought that this idea was so good, that it had to be done.

This will work like the real World Cup. 8 groups of 4 play eachother to get to the knockout round, trying to get crowned the best team in the world. But here is the twist. We're doing it with concepts.

The first 32 people that sign up will get teams. Those 32 people will be broken up into 4 different pots. The best 8 designers in the opinion of me and some friends will be seprated. Then the next 8, then the next 8, and the next 8. You following up to this point? Good. From there, one designer from each set will be drawn into all 8 real world cup groups. So we will have 1 great designer, 1 good, then 1 lesser designer, and 1 new designer. I hope no one will be upset regarding their ranking, it's all relative, and will assure that one group wont be stacked to heavily.

Now you're saying, but what do i have to design? That's the fun part. When all 32 people are drawn into their groups, I will randomly assign a country to you. So who knows, a great designer would have to do a set for Cameroon, while a weaker designer will have the duty to deisgn Brazil.

You will need to create one image of 2 uniforms, one home and one clash, that correspond to your country's colors and designs. You will also need to make a unique logo for your country. I understand some designs will carry over(Croatia and checkers), but as long as you make your own, you will be okay.

You can submit your concept via PM or emailing me at mtbuc@aol.com. I have a request, if you PM'd me for the ESCC, use the same conversation please. Saves space.

The design period will last until June 23rd(we'll have the countries picked by this weekend). That is when the 3rd group games will start. On June 23-24th, the voting for Groups A B C D will be open. On June 25-26th, the voting for Groups E F G H will be open.

After the 26th, the best two teams in each round will advance to a World Cup knockout tournament. The winner of Group A will match up against the runner up of Group B, and so on. Those rounds will be open for 2 days. Ultimately, the knockout tournament will be finished the 4th of July.

Please ask questions because I'm sure that there will be some things that come up.

32/32 spots filled


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Another great idea. I wish i could participate, but I'll be out of town beginning Saturday and not returning home until the 23rd.

Good luck with the contest. I'll definitely be following along and look forward to some great design work.

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I should mention, once you have your group picked, there will be no trading of teams. The goal is to be backed into a wall and have to design your way out of it. Also if you think you won't be able to finish your concept, reply ASAP and get a replacement.

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Due to the rules I've just made up (yet have no authority to do so), chris and Jaffa (and anyone else better than me, so all of you) have to sit this one out. :P

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