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CFL uniforms: an observation

BJ Sands

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Looking at THIS video from the argos

u can see durie in the background.. the image is blurred but the uni is all white blue insert and sleeve.. with a giant A in the middle of the shirt.. numbers on the right shoulder


Where are you seeing what you're talking about?

mmmm.. video seems to have been taken down..

it was up there last night, ans as i say.. there are images of durie in the uniform... emersed into a build up trailer.. wonder why they took it down???

try this

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Look at 22 seconds.. its quite clear and 27 second u can see the numbers on the right shoulder

all blurred obv.. but u can see em


i`m tempted to say the pants are cambridge blue now and not white as i originally thought

id hazzard a guess it will be an updated version of this


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oh wow. That looks like the shoulders are blue with a giant A on the front. Kind of reminiscent of the 1995 set with the "Jason" logo on the front.

If that is the case, I don't like it one bit.

Great find cmbuk.

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Yeah the lack of black in the jersey and helmet really makes the black pants stick out in a bad way. They would've been better off going with white pants, or even light green pants. While the uniform gives off an Nike-fied Oregon/Seahawks vibe, I am a fan of the two-toned green. The incorporation of the wheat pattern makes me think that the Redblacks will be doing the same with the black and red plaid pattern.

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