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CFL uniforms: an observation

BJ Sands

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Whenever it's on and I get a chance I like to watch the CFL. It's fast-paced, fun, and fills a void before September.

That said, I don't think I could watch it full-time because of the ghastly uniforms. It seems like every team has sets with mismatched elements, bad templates, and just random designs that don't work.

I know there are a few CFL fans on here, and I just want to know how you put up with it.

Did you watch the Super Bowl? If so, how? Surely it would have caused you to have a stroke.


I admire someone who hates Nike as much as I do Adidas, but those Seahawks uniforms are fantastic, and that's not just homer-ism (especially considering most complaints are that it's too far from their tradition). The only complaint I have with that particular set is the same-color socks/pants creating the pajamas look.

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saw this on twitter,by the looks of this,i'm not sure that i'm gonna like this.




I read earlier this year that every team would be getting a new alt this year, so that would confirm it then.

And when a player's first reaction when seeing a jersey is "Oh, wow!", it's probably not a good thing. Unless they told him to act super-surprised, which they likely did.

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I can't precisely recall the consensus on the REDBLACKS look, but I think I'm being slowly won over by their home set. I think it needs a little more red on the sleeves and pants but I'm OK with their look as an expansion team.

The roads are a mess, though.

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More on the "signature series"

We should be seeing the uniforms all unveiled this month.

Apparently everything, right down to the gloves, are supposed to be part of the uniform.

It also mentions that BC unveiled theirs last year. I am assuming (without googling it) that this is those "gun metal" uniforms with the orange stripe down the side and the matte black helmet.

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Some sneak peeks of the signature series...





Toronto is probably one of only two teams that can pull off a white helmet (the other being Montreal, which should tell you what I think of B.C.'s helmet). Saskatchewan looks like they are going to have an all silver/grey uniform (unless that's supposed to be a black & white photo, in which case, why?). Nobody can pull off that look....

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Yeah, this isn't gonna end well...

(Side note, but Cohon said that these uniforms will be worn twice this season, and again in 2015. Also, he said it took Reebok 18 months to develop these - is it me, or is that the case with literally everything Reebok makes?)

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I don't get the "I AM RIDER NATION". One player is the Nation? Shouldn't it be "WE ARE RIDER NATION"?? Of course, both the "We are" and "XXXXX Nation" are so outdone and overplayed, but that's neither here nor there.

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2 tone green... should be interesting apparently the wheat is on the shoulders... so that means the stripes from the first picture are probably the light green if you look at the base of the wheat

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