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LA Clippers Rebrand


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I really like it. It is another roundel ... lol ... but other than that it really works. Good job!

I think you can do something a bit more creative with the "LA" logo though.

clippers need get out of Los Angeles go somewhere else

And lose nearly $1 billion of their net worth? HIGHLY unlikely.

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I LOVE what you did here..Its way better than anyting I could do. I always wanted them to go back to the San Diego clippers color scheme, RED WHITE BLUE is WAY to played out.

Just a quick photoshop edit.



Even better! This actually deserves a 'roundel', unlike the others....

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Simple yet perfect!!! Why can't executives hire people like you to present their identity for the future like this!!

I really like the rope as the outline. Nice job making it nautical themed.

Just noticed the rope over the roundel!! More bonus points for this logo!!
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