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2017/18 Soccer Kits


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3 hours ago, aztex82 said:

FFS NASL. I appreciate being innovative but...




1904 // A name inspired for and by the people of its representative city. A fellow supporter and most importantly, a San Diegan, suggested 1904, deriving from S, the 19th letter of the alphabet, paired with D, the 4th letter, making 1904 an iconic name for San Diego soccer. From the start, this team has been deeply rooted in its interest and appeal to the street culture here, making Nineteen O’Four and the many variations of this name absolutely fitting. Finally, we have chosen to use Football Club because of what we're steadily moving towards, to bring San Diego Football and its valued players to the world.

Colors/Logo // 1904 FC’s colors are as simple as the game itself. A game where one team must score just one more goal than the other. Black and white also represent both the darkness (challenges) of sports and the light (victory). The telescope represents the club’s long-term vision and commitment to the region, along with its goal of developing local football talent and helping young players achieve their dreams of playing international soccer. It also symbolizes the club’s connection to the city’s long-standing commitment, described as Semper Vigilans, which means ever vigilant, on the city seal.



That's confusing, you would have thought the team was founded 113 years ago

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2 hours ago, MJWalker45 said:

Before everyone freaks out, Ireland replicas have a sponsor. That's not the font.

That's the soccer version of the "it's just the Red Wings' preseason font!" that we see every year in hockey lol. 

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2 hours ago, DiePerske said:

To be nitpicky, their retail versions authentic and replica. But still. 


And it's a shame, because I love their set but refuse to buy one with the 3 on it. 

Classic Football Shirts ends up with player issue, sponsorless RoI shirts from time to time, and they have some now, most recently from the Euro 2012 set.

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16 hours ago, Digby said:

Ireland's been doing this sponsor-on-the-fan-version for so long now that I'm surprised (pleasantly) that it has yet to catch on for other countries.

I think the other FA's aren't willing to risk the backlash, which is why training kits are sold with those on it. 

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Switzerland still needs to qualify so it’s better to post it here for nowswitzerland-2018-kit-lk-1.jpg


The Czech lion design looks 1000x times better than the Cameroon lion design



Juventus 120th anniversary shirt to be worn this weekend. Will be interesting if they apply the Scudetto and Coppa Italia patch. Not really a fan, kind of a mismatch of era with the 80s stars in the box combined with 40s  stripes and the current logo on the shorts. Props for the sponsors though





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