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I absolutely loved the colors and uniqueness of the thrashers asymmetry. 


The islanders color scheme was great too and resulted in an actual logo. I would've preferred the shoulder logo to be the primary. I admit the wavy numbers were a bit over the top, but for the time these debuted I loved them. Wish they stuck around longer. 


images (3).jpg

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The best NHL uniforms in my book are the ones with a jersey crest in the form of a stylized letter/team name element with or without sport element, traditional horizontal striping, block font, pants striping and a simple but distinctive colour scheme. 






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On 3/9/2017 at 5:27 PM, cubsfan2015 said:

Similar idea to kimball's NBA threads. Post your favorite uniforms and interact your opinions of said uniforms.





The Robopenguin is a great logo, but a horrible jersey, and the Stars look better in green

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Some unpopular ones...


Everything but the back numbers and name on this one.



Everything about this is gorgeous.



Both of these jerseys look beautiful. The Wings should use these as an alternate; including the white gloves.



These weren't so bad.



There's probably more, but those are the ones that first come to mind.

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1 hour ago, Zeus89725 said:


Gotta agree. These didn't deserve the hate they got.

Well, I mean...

There's the faux-shoulder yoke, the lack of hem stripes, the front numbers, one of the worst logos in all of professional sports on the shoulder, and to top it off, they used a tie-down collar to make it "vintage"...


The idea of sleeves that look the same on both the home and road is a good one, and needs to be done more in the NHL, but these just sucked...


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I'll start my list off with my favorite hockey jersey of all-time... one that i wear way more than I probably should, and can't decide if I should get it customized, or wait to buy an authentic to get customized, because I think it is THAT beautiful. Best my team has ever looked, and we've had some great looks.





followed by the best my team has looked during my tenure as a fan (1993-present)



I also, controversially, believe that the navy blue Whalers are probably the best dressed team in NHL history. The greens were okay... the navy was perfect. The addition of silver really brought the whole thing together. Especially in the logos.



The only other sweater that I think gives this a run for its money is the Hull-era Blackhawks whites. Something about the solid black numbers and tie-up collars on this sweater is just absolute classy perfection, even though I hate the franchise personally.



I will also always be a fan of these Panthers jerseys. The whites only, because I think the striping pattern and color balance is perfect. I proudly own a Starter Authentic of this one.



These next two just show how lucky Alexei Yashin was to wear two of my favorite uniform sets for the majority of his career.



Another instance of hate the team, love the sweater:




aaaaand finally, this is just gorgeous:




honorable mention to the Atlanta Flames.




my list doesn't include the obvious ones that i know are legendary, like the habs, bruins, and red wings. they all look great, and in many instances I really like the team... but these jerseys i posted are the ones that just stand out the most in my personal preferences.

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Unpopular opinion: You will likely see about 1/4 (maybe even higher) of fans wearing these jerseys at Scottrade. That's saying alot since most people hate on this uniform. 



I have several of these in my collection but I will say that the current set is the best in the Blues set.



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