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Falcons New Unis 2020


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On 2/10/2020 at 5:43 PM, L10nheart404 said:

Debating between black and red helmets, I think I'd greatly be satisfied if something like this came to fruition... The helmet below would look great, even with a white chinstrap. EOSxcGLXUAAE3X4.jpg5801061987_7bd73ecdfd_o.jpgXJtWXbweGVuAxaXY3bUXjTzDqjbmCxxNfSrniQt03841275838_0b4d5f210d_b.jpg


The bottom pic is so clean it's beautiful.  Put the modern logo on it with a black facemask and take my money.

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8 minutes ago, Carasik said:

I keep seeing things on Reddit that the Falcons will have red helmets...

Here's my thought. If Atlanta goes with red helmets, the primary jersey has to be red as well. RR! or RRG/B looks better than RBG/RGW do. 



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5 minutes ago, shstpt1 said:

If the helmet is red... I would guess that it has some sort of anodized/satin/matte finish rather than the molded red helmet like they've worn in the past. 

If it's red, they need to avoid matte colors. Satin is the better option. 

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I think the jersey/pants color combos should be as followed, assuming the Helmet would be red...


Home: Black/White

Away: White/White

Home Alt: Red/Silver(Throwback)

Away Alt: White/black


I know there will be multiple pants options, possibly 3. That makes for a variety of ways to freshen up the look every week, without going overboard. A red, color shifting helmet would be very slick in my opinion. I love the Jets helmet, and can imagine how beautiful it would be in red.


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