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City Logos IX: Atlanta


Which is the best Atlanta logo?  

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After a delay due to the fact that I put up 8 polls in 9 days - I needed to slow the pace down. Now is the time for number nine, though, and it is Atlanta.

Please write down your opinions below!


PHI: Eagles (Flyers)

NY: Mets (Rangers)

BOS: Celtics (Celtics, Red Sox)

BAY: Sharks (A's)

CAL: Angels (LA KIngs)

PHX: Coyotes (Suns)

TEX: Texans (Mavs)

CHI: Blackhawks (Bulls)

Next stop: Detroit

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It's safe to say that the Hawks logo is the worst of the bunch. The Braves' is boring, but still better than the Hawks'. So I was left between the Falcons and the Thrashers, and though I like the change the NFL team went through a couple years ago, I chose the Thrashers because I'm first and foremost a hockey fan.

Now, on to Detroit!

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But, I actually like the Hawks logo as well.

Somebody who agrees with me!

I said that because I can't figure what's so terribly bad about the Hawks logo. Their secondary logo maybe. I particuarly like the script and the jerseys aren't too bad.

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I decided to vote on the team's logo history... And I love the pac-man Hawk, so I picked the Hawks... But it was a hard choice because (obviously) I love each and every one of these logos on this poll

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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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