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Ottawa Senators Alternate Barberpole Jersey


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Some time ago, Jezus_Ghoti posted a set of Ottawa Senators jerseys that I thought were just brilliant, especially the Alternate jersey in his set, shown here.


This was a modern take on the original Ottawa Senators/Ottawa Silver Seven jerseys of the teens and 20's.


I really wanted to make one of these, so I kept my eyes open for any kind of black, red & white striped shirts or jerseys. After some research, I learned that the current Ottawa 67's of the Ontario Hockey League were wearing very similarly striped jerseys as a tribute to the city's past history.


After a bit of looking, and a bit of luck, I was able to find the current 67's jerseys being sold - without any crests! That saved me the hassle of removing the curent one and possibly damaging the jersey. I got one off of ebay for cheap and another for $15 at a local sporting goods store.

Also, while watching for appropriate Senators patches, I came across an ebay auction for this, a part of the NHL Patch Collection.


Now what to do? Make the Modern Alternate or the Classic Look? In the true spirit of the CCSL Board, BOTH!

After doing some looking on ebay, I found you can get Ottawa Senators patches and crests fairly often, but with a few limits. The original 90's Senators logo is available in large and shoulder size. Also the large size has two versions, as the Senators have changed it over time. In the circle around the head, some say "Ottawa Senators" and some have a laurel wreath. The Alternate "3-D" crest is also out there, but I thought it was too modern for my "throwback alternate" project.

The alternate jersey shoulder patches, the "Maple Leaf and Tower", shown on Jezus_Gohti's concept are not sold anywhere that I could find.

The small shoulder crest like the team wears with the "S" is also available, but only with the wings going off to the left. The team actually wears a left and right version, so that when sewn onto the jersey, the "wings" face the players back on both shoulders.

I lucked out and found an ebay auction for a main crest and two shoulder patches, both a left and a right version! Once they arrived I found out why I was able to get the rare "right" version. The seller had apparently trashed his jersey, cut the patches out and sold them as a set, as the patches had the black fabric of the jersey glued to the back!

At this point I made a "sample sheet" for my customizers, so they could see exactly what I wanted. I did choose the Senators more traditional white jersey font for the name and numbers, as I felt it was also more in keeping with the vintage look, and lent itself to two color letters for the name better.


Here is the final product! I am very happy with how they worked out. One fun story is when I went to pick up the modern throwback, they told me while it was hanging there, someone asked how much it cost because he wanted to buy it! :hockeysmiley:



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Very nice, Jeff!

Wear that in the Ottawa Valley, and you'll drink for free. :notworthy:

Having it personalized with the name Alfredsson is perfect, because Daniel's brother Henrik played for the 67s in the late '90s.

The OHL's Ottawa 67s in traditional barberpole:




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i've gotta tell you.. when i saw the concept drawings, i wasn't too excited about the idea... wasnt bad, but it didn't seem too awesome to me.

that being said, seeing the finished product, i'm impressed. that actually looks VERY nice. i'm jealous :)

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That is freakin' AWESOME!When I scrolled-down and saw the finished product with the Sens crest WOW!I'm jealous....I want one!!

Ditto. At first look, I wasn't really all that impressed. Then I scrolled down and saw the finished work and I was like :shocked: THAT IS FREAKIN AMAZING

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:shocked: I gotta say this, the finished jersey for the Senators....HOLY COW!!!!! That should be the perfect jersey for Ottawa to don for the 2005.06 season..someone need to beep Eugene Meychuk to show him the jersey and get him to make it reality for the Senators to wear from now on!!! WOW I'm impressed..and dang I would dearly love to have one of that....way cool!!!
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Someone needs to get the Sens on the horn when they get this lockout silliness taken care of and have them take the ice wearing those. Heck, I'd shell out the cash to get my hands on one of those....

Awesome job!


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Very nice mix you've got there. I love watching the 67's Barberpoll in action, those uniforms are something else.

The only thing I don't like is the white patch that the numbers are on. I think it would look better if they were three layers, with a white layer on the bottom creating an outline...but thats just me. Good work man

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