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West Virginia wins Sugar Bowl


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The Fake Punt was a brilliant call.

Four things cost Georgia the game:

1. Couldn't stop the run. Georgia should have run blitzed, run blitzed, run blitzed, especially in the last 6 minutes of the game.

2. Turnovers

3. Linebackers and safeties played way too far off the line of scrimmage

4. They didn't go with the punt block on that fake punt. Go for the block, take away the possibility of the punter running, and if WV downs it inside the 10, fine...they probably would've done that anyway.

Another terrible coaching decision was Richt not calling a timeout on 4th down with more than two minutes to go in the game. Save the time, especially with the clock stoppages on first downs. Turns out it didn't matter, but if WV did punt, Georgia lost 40 seconds right there.

Great game - congrats to the Mountaineers.

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I was shocked that Georgia lost in Atlanta that was a Bulldog crowd all day.

Having been downtown all afternoon and into the evening, WV brought a lot of fans, and had a lot of support in the Dome. It wasn't exactly a UGA home game.

Good effort, Bulldogs, but kudos to WV. They came to play.

Bring on the Hilltoppers!

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Although their bowl record won't show, I personally think the Big East had a great bowl season.

Rutgers nearly beat Arizona St in the Insight Bowl, which was essentally a home game for the Sun Devils.

USF, although they got blanked, was in the game against NC State in the Meineke Car Care Bowl, which was also a pseudo-home game for the Wolfpack.

Louisville gave Va. Tech a big fight in the Gator Bowl before falling in the end.

Now, West Virginia comes to Atlanta and yet again, the pseudo-home field edge for their opponents comes to play. WVU took it out quickly before Georgia came back and made it a game.

Congrats to WVU and the Big East for proving to me that you deserve that BCS bid. ^_^

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This loss was a really bad one for the Bulldogs. If it werent for LSU just butt raping Miami, the entire SEC would have looked like a really :censored:ty conference

Bowl games aren't a true measurement of a conference's mettle. Bowl games determine only which team is less rusty and more focused after a long layoff. Does anyone think LSU would beat Miami by 37 points in the middle of the regular season?

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