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Marquettes new eagle


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Creative idea. It reminds me of the Atlanta Hawks, Philadelphia Eagles, Arizona Cardinals, Seattle Seahawks, Baltimore Ravens, Toronto Blue Jays...well, I've only covered the Big 4 professional sports and I think you get the idea. Maybe this is a wallpaper I can post over in concepts--team logos that are the head of a bird looking off to the side.

EDIT: I'm actually doing this. There's a thread on concepts where I'm trying to compile a list. Any help is appreciated. Thanks.

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Does this make Marquette the Vanilla Ice of eagle head logos?

"Theres goes 'ding ding, ding ding diggy-ding ding'. Our's goes 'ding ding, ding ding diggy-ding ding, tsk'. See, it's not the same."

They'll always be the Marquette Gold to me. But that's because I'm a Badger fan and I hate MU.


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This topic is now closed to further replies.
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