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What's Your Favorite/Least Favorite NFL Helmet?


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So yesterday, watching football on Thanksgiving, I started thinking about helmets. My favorites are the Lions, Chargers, and Packers. I would have to say I think the Bills have the worst, too much going on for me. I also like when teams use something other than their primary for the helmet logo. Vikings, Bengals, Rams and Eagles come to mind. So I was wondering what your favorite and least favorite helmets are. Below is just a chart I threw together if you want to look at them all together. I'd like to hear what your guys' favorite helmets and least favorites are and why. NOTE: I do not know if this has already been a thread, sorry if it is.


some NFL helmet statistics:

- approx. 19% of helmets are white

(6, Colts, Titans, Dolphins, Jets, Chargers, Cardinals)

- 12.5% of helmets are black

(4, Ravens, Steelers, Jaguars, Falcons)

- approx. 16% of helmets are silver

(5, Patriots, Raiders, Lions, Panthers, Cowboys)

- approx. 19% of helmets are a shade of blue

(6, Texans, Broncos, Bears, Giants, Seahawks, Rams)

- approx. 34% of helmets have the same color facemask

(11, Ravens, Steelers, Texans, Jaguars, Broncos, Raiders, Bears, Vikings, Falcons, Cowboys, Rams)

- 62.5% of helmets have a stripe design on them (Bengals, Rams included)

1/27/09- It was me, and I am sorry.

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Fave 3:

Eagles (My favorite in the NFL for probably my favorite looking identity in the NFL.)

Broncos (It's amazing to realize that this has been around for 10+ years. It's officially a modern classic, IMO.)

Seahawks (The wrap around hawk is very nice.)

Stank 3:

Bills (The striping is a cluster :censored:.)

Cardinals (The gray facemask ruined the entire helmet and uniform design)

Lions (The black facemask just doesn't work.)



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My favorites are the Raiders, Bengals, Rams and Eagles.

Least favorites are Jags, Panthers and Cardinals. The Jags logo looks odd, the jaw appears detached. The Panthers stripes are too big. I love the Cards logo, but the helmets look too big and blank, like Spaceball soliders helmets. They should have a red stripe similar to the Broncos or Titans and the facemask should be red. That would make it more modern and fit in with the uniform.

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The others I loved (Oilers, Old Broncos, Browns w/ white facemask)

Other Likes:

Packers, Raiders, Dolphins, Jets (OK, that one is because I'm forced to like it by being a Jet fan).


Cardinals, Titans, Chargers (All because white helmets need stripes...and the Cards need non-gray facemasks)




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My favorites are

1. Bengals

2. Rams

3. Bucs

Least favorite are

1. Jets

2. Panthers

3. Bills

The Jets, really? I didn't think anyone would hate them. What don't you like about them?

I don't hate the Jets, they have an awesome uniform, but I don't like the word "Jets" in the logo. If they would bring out the NY in the background with the football it would one of my favorite helmets.

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No love for the Redskins? Sure, they suck and the whole racism thing, but those are some nice looking helmets.

The old yellow and blue Rams helmet is easily the top.



Ravens- just ugh

Giants- it straddles the line between bland and actively ugly

Cowboys- Sure, I am very, very biased, but that silver helmet is just tacky as all get out. They look like they're playing in the Bud Bowl. And it looks worse compared to the sheer beauty of the white throwback helmet.

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Favorite: As a Giants fan, I'll say the Giants

Least Favorite: As a Giants fan, I'll say the Cowboys.

Non-biased take....


Texans - Team sucks but logo/uniforms are the best MODERN set in the NFL, hands down.

Raiders - Team sucks but logo/uniforms are the best CLASSIC set in the NFL, hands down.

Least Favorite:

Bills - the current design is way too busy. I know the throwback route is gettin old but the Bills need to go throwback, im sure most on this board will agree whole heartedly.

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Here are my favorites:

Browns- Not being biased here (well...maybe a little) but I love the plain helmet. No other team has the plain helmet, its unique, and it doesn't look bad either.

Packers- Love the bright yellow.

Chargers- No clue why I love it, it just looks awsome.

Least favorites:

Vikings- For some reason...the white design they have on the side that is suppose to resemble horns, is terrible looking, and it doesn't look anything like horns.

Panthers- I hate the silver helmet and the stripe design on it. It would look much better if the helmet was black and had normal stripes on it.

Eagles- Never really liked the idea of putting wings on helmets for some reason.


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