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Off I Go To The Hospital...


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Here I am, all packed up.. about to leave the house to go to the hospital...

She is having a C-section, so we KNOW it will be today at 2pm. We saw the sonogram, so we know its a boy.

My 4th kid, my first boy. I'm super excited. I will teach him soccer and baseball and football as young as I can! Anyone want to volunteer to give him hockey lessons?

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I know no one cares, but I'm excited, so I posted. :D:rolleyes:

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JR, you already know that i'm gonna teach Jay how to play hockey.....maybe him and Theo (my son) will be in the NHL together.

if anyone cares, JR and I have forged a pretty nice friendship through this forum....him and his family made the 2 + hour trek up to Casa Hurst last weekend and we grilled some steaks, drank beer, watched the kids play, shot the plop, etc. It was really cool to finally meet someone that i only previously knew through AIM and the boards here. All our kids got along really well (my daughter, Lili, even said that she made a great new friend in Courtney). My wife and JR's wife hit it off pretty well too.

Congrats to both you and Dani, JR. I hope all goes well.

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paynomind, congrats on the new arrival! I will definitely give him hockey lessons!!! Get him on the ice at 3! They have those double blade skates which work wonders I hear. Sorta like training wheels. Again, congrats!!!!

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if nothing else, i can teach him the idiot savant's art of the goalie. it's probably braggin, but yeah, i figure give me skating lessons and Aebischer's pads and i could make a run at the record for most consecutive shutouts :D

edit: whoops, left this out: congrats paynomind, teach your son well. and teach him some common sense. i've seen the results of kids who lack it, being related to one such person (although some of the time i wish i wasn't).


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Congratulations man! I just had one back in November. Enjoy every sec. of their little lives because it won't be too long before their 20 lbs. They grow up so fast!


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Congrags Paynomind. Wow four kids. But like JP said, one more and you're kids could have their own basketball team. :D

But they say introducing them at a very young age to sports related items, like putting a football (mini mind you) or a baseball or whatever in the crib with them might influence them later in life to want to play sports. Just a my two cents.

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