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Coyotes Jersey Concept


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I've had this idea in my head for a while, and I finally made a concept. This would be used as an alternate jersey, since I think their current unis are great. I realize most of you might not like this since it is a little more "out there", but I like alternates that strongly contrast the regular jerseys. Well, lemme know what you guys think.

Coyotes Alt. Jersey

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that "wow" was me. I came here a couple hours ago and I had been logged out and no matter what I tried couldn't log back in. So I created an account with a random name until I could get back on with this name. I forgot I was even posting under that other name when I wrote that. I intended to come back later and write more. But then I realized what I was doing wrong and got back in under my old name. If a moderator sees this, feel free to delete the account for Planter. I no longer need it.

Back to the uni. With some changes, this could work for me. Right now it is just too distracting. First, I;d make the two centermost cream stripes into red, creating a large red center of the jersey. Then you'd have to name the name and # white or cream. This would do away with having the need for the fades on the back. For the front fades, you could just write PHX in white, or write out PHOENIX in smaller letters along the bottom ala L.A. Then you wouldn't need from fades if the letters were white with a simple black outline or something. I just think the fades add too much pink into the design.

But this is just me. you obviously have a vision for what this jersey should look like and I applaud your work on this.

Very interesting conept, but it is too busy and distracting for my eyes.

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Nice attempt, though, I like encorporating the AZ flag design.

I too like the use of the flag elements in your idea. You must have caught me in a good mood. I really like it, but can see looking at it two days from now and thinking differently. :shocked:

Thumbs up...today anyway!

2 points for thinking outside the box regardless. B)


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Well, you asked for it, telling how to see it and all...

:shocked: I feel like Simon Cowell when a bad singer actually left him speechless...

"What was... What... Just go!" :Oo:


Now for tips. If you made a sand version of their homes then it'd be pretty good. This is just :shocked:.

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