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Brave-Bird 08

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This was the scene at the Atlanta Football Classic held anually at the Georgia Dome

Florida A&M has the ugliest uniform in sports...maybe even in sports history. and tennessee state used white numbers on white jerseys? also, both teams use the same ridiculous number font! horrid, horrid, scene



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Actually, I though tenn St's was even worse than FAMU. White on white numbers? And what's that random color around the helmet stripe?

Red. Though you couldn't tell from looking at this complete conglomerate of clusterfockedupness, it's actually a secondary color for the Tigers' athletic teams. This also isn't the first time Tennesse State has done the white-on-white thing, either.

This is what the Tigers used to look like about three or four years ago:



Then, sometime in the past year or two, they rolled this look out:



(And...you see what FAMU looked like around that time, as well. Also notice that Tennessee State's NOF was also white on white, as I alluded to earlier.)

Now, if you think all that looks like boiled garbage, you should try a Google search for Tennessee State's blackout uniforms from a year or two ago. (Not to be confused with Middle Tennessee State, by the way.)

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I like the FAMU uniforms. They make me want to eat rainbow sherbet.

I was hoping this thread would be about how all four of Atlanta's major teams are currently poorly dressed. The Braves have scrapped beautiful timeless jerseys for ugly alternates. The Falcons look like an arena league team. The Hawks are wearing bland uniforms in a color scheme that is not supposed to be theirs. The Thrashers are a mismatched mess who market themselves as "Blueland" but often wear a maroon sweater. A one-off HBCU game is the least of Atlanta's sartorial concerns.

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I disagree, admiral. In fact, I love the Falcons' look, so long as they don't go mono. Red jersey with white pants, then vice versa. I especially love the much-maligned sleeves.

As for the Thrash... well, they used to have good jerseys. Sadly, those days were numbered when they introduced that one-armed monster. It's only gone downhill from there.

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Sometimes I like the Falcons' uniforms, but they have so many permutations that don't work. The more I see those throwbacks, the more I like them, though even those don't really capture the imagination.

From the outset, the Thrashers made the mistake of using that strange "overhead bird" as their road crest instead of their actual primary logo, which was pretty cool as far as equipment-wielding sparrow-based logos go. The original color palette was very nice, and I liked that pattern running across the bottom, but I have to admit that my appreciation was tempered by my belief that a half-assed expansion team in Atlanta wasn't really necessary.

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