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Fictional Team Logos


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There are a lot of films and TV shows out there which feature fictional teams, from Any Given Sunday to The Waterboy, Brewsters Millions, and even Back to the Future. What are some of your favorites?

Brewsters Millions Hackensack (N.J.) Bulls:




Caprica City Buccaneers, Pyramid team from Battlestar Galactica/Caprica


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misterhabs' has a bunch of fictional team helmet logos:


Including Any Given Sunday, The Replacements, The Last Boy Scout, etc.

Arnold Schwarzenegger's film the Sixth Day also has two fictional XFL teams, the Centaurs and the Roadrunners.

The Scorpions, Bull horns on the helmet, and New York team from Any Given Sunday are all really cool.

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I'm gonna throw some love for Lance et Compte's Quebec Nationals


I saw one of those jerseys on ebay for cheap, i thought it was a cheap knockoff of the Nords. I lost it when I heard about the show on CBC's Hockey A People's History.

Oh damn I didnt think I would see this one at all after these freaking years! I do remmy seeing that one on tv and loved it.. wonder if there a chance the Quebec Nationals logo can be vectored? I would be interested in seeing that logo up front in good sight...

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