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LA Lakers uniforms 1/30/2011

The Dogg

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The Lakers are wearing a "throwback" today. It's supposed to be from the West/Chamberlain era, but the name font is from the current jerseys.

They are honoring the 1971-72 squad. I also noticed that they are using the current font. They need to look like this


lakers71-72 by ThePhilHay, on Flickr

The waistband on the throwback shorts appear to be wrong as well. In that pic, the waistbands appear to be solid purple; the waistband on the shorts today are striped.

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I love those shadow numbers.

Me too. Many of the NFL concepts that I do (pencil/paper) use that font. I think it'd look sweet on a football jersey. Something about the "3" and "2" just look awesome, especially together.

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Each one of those previous Lakers unis are almost perfect.

If they used the stripes of the 80/90s unis (white/purple/white) and the numbers of the 60s unis, I think that'd be the perfect Lakers combo. Those drop shadows also take me back to the early Kobe years. Kobe with his small fro and the drop shadow numbers. It's too bad that they switched those unis just before the 99/00/01 three-peat.


Actually looking at the main site archives. I basically want the '74-'78 unis, but with a horizontal/non-slanted wordmark:


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The Lakers seem to stink it up when they wear throwbacks at home. I'm sure there are counterexamples, but this is the second time in recent memory I recall the Lakers losing at home to the Celtics while wearing throwbacks. Heck, a few years ago they even lost at home to the Wizards while wearing throwbacks.

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