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2013 Winter Classic Package


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I know a month or so ago a Winter Classic logo was posted that was similar to this. You'll just have to believe me when I say that we both ended up having pretty much the same idea. There is no thievery here. I have been working on this for a few weeks now.

Logo Applications


Detroit Red Wings


Toronto Maple Leafs


Retro Referee jersey


2013 Winter Classic merch


Detroit Red Wings merch


Toronto Maple Leafs merch


Centre Ice


Venue layout


A couple more items and a full write-up are HERE on my blog.

Too much? Good? Too amateur? C&C, thanks!

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This is fantastic! as a Leafs fan, I'd love for TO to use that jersey. I don't think Detroit should use vintage white, but for some reason, red-VW is a nice colour combo. Again, magnificent job.


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Since you brought up doug's concept I'll compare the two.

I like your execution of the gate for the more architectural accuracy.

I prefer doug's execution of the pillars and lights. Yours seem very plain, while his are detailed without being distracting.

I like the way you've interlaced the text with the pickets of the fence, but I feel like it is too detailed. Try fewer pickets and I think it might work better.

Uniforms are spot on, and I love the retro referee uniforms!

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Refs jerseys look awesome in action.


On September 20, 2012 at 0:50 AM, 'CS85 said:

It's like watching the hellish undead creakily shuffling their way out of the flames of a liposuction clinic dumpster fire.

On February 19, 2012 at 9:30 AM, 'pianoknight said:

Story B: Red Wings go undefeated and score 100 goals in every game. They also beat a team comprised of Godzilla, the ghost of Abraham Lincoln, 2 Power Rangers and Betty White. Oh, and they played in the middle of Iraq on a military base. In the sand. With no ice. Santa gave them special sand-skates that allowed them to play in shorts and t-shirts in 115 degree weather. Jesus, Zeus and Buddha watched from the sidelines and ate cotton candy.

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idk if the refs are all that realistic (yes, I know they did it once, but i don't know that they'd do it again), but this might be the most realistic winter classic concept i've seen yet. Detroit is simple, like they love, and toronto looks like a vintage stripefest, but there really aren't that many stripes there. Really nice work

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Too much? Good? Too amateur? C&C, thanks!

Too amateur??? Are you kidding?

It's a very well done and well presented concept all the way through!

If I HAD to come up with a nit-pick, it might be that the vintage white used on the Wing's stuff could be a half shade lighter.

But man, that's really being a nit-picker.

This is really well done!

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They look great, I like how you used the original "C" and "A" logos. I know the Wings used to center the wheel part of their logo in the center of their sweaters, maybe that's worth trying? Also, maybe adding the auxiliary rink to the Venue layout would make it a little more realistic

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So, I added bricks to the pillars and removed half of the bars from the gates. Better?

I didn't use a stripe on the Wings' pants because I thought it added too much to the uniform. The Wings are great because they are simple and classic and I wanted to try and keep that.

I also thought about centring only the wheel portion of the logo, as they did in the 40's. I'm not a fan of it but I will try it in the next update.

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Wow ryan! i saw this on HJC but the new logo is phenomonal. the jerseys are great and seem like classics. however i sugesst you a new leafs concept of the old arenas jerseys.

In the last game against Detroit, the time from ten minutes left to one minute left was probably the longest nine minutes of my life. But from one to zero was probably the greatest time I've ever had. I didn't want the clock to run out. It was such a great feeling: people crying in the stands, people jumping up and down, people cheering. Guys couldn't even sit up on the bench. It was probably the best minute of my life.

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