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2013-14 NHL season predictions


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But watch Silfverberg score 90 points and lead you guys to a cup just because he's a player who used to play for Ottawa.

I'm really exciting about him. His game will fit in a lot better here than Ryan did, especially if Silfverberg plays with Getz and Pears.

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I want to pronounce his name Silf...verberg, with a nice long caesura.

"You are nothing more than a small cancer on this message board. You are not entertaining, you are a complete joke."


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- The Leafs will quickly learn that when you have a few quality players (Grabbo, Mac, Liles) who clash with Carlyle, the solution is not to get rid of all the players

- Clarkson will try too hard to prove himself early on and will suck for the first 20 games, but then pick up the pace

- Colorado will have another dismal year and Landeskog will lose the "C", à la Vinny Lecavailer

- Edmonton misses the playoffs again

- The Leafs will get past round one

- MONSTER MEGA HOMER PREDICTION: Morgan Rielly will win the Calder

- Crosby has a monster, 78-game season with 30+ goals and 100+ assists


Nobody cares about your humungous-big signature. 

PotD: 29/1/12



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The observable difference between this year and last year's formats will appear in the geographical disparity relative to the ("2nd round" in 2012-13) Division Finals, in the 2013-14 Conference Finals.

PIT over NYR

MTL over OTT

CHI over MIN

SJ over LA

PIT over MTL

CHI over SJ

PIT over CHI

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Has Ron Hainsey’s NHLPA lockout ‘bad cop’ role blackballed him in free agency?

Puck Daddy also wants to know if bears crap in the woods.

♫ oh yeah, board goes on, long after the thrill of postin' is gone ♫

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If the 7th/8th seeds come from the Pacific Division, the Central Division's top seed will be the series with the largest time zone difference. Every time.

*circadian rhythm affects

If the Central gets the 2seed in the conference and the 7seed comes from the Pacific Division, the 2seed in the West will be at a bigger disadvantage than the 2seed in the East. Same goes for 1-8 series. Geography. Sleep. Airplanes.

Idea b16: The "7/8 crossover wildcard" should only be applied to the Eastern Conference.

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Anaheim (2)
Los Angeles
San Jose (WC 2)

Chicago (1)
St. Louis
Dallas (WC 1)


Boston (1)
Toronto (WC 2)
Tampa Bay

Pittsburgh (2)
New York Islanders
New York Rangers (WC 1)
New Jersey


Chicago def. San Jose in 5

Anaheim def. Dallas in 6

Los Angeles def. Vancouver in 7

Minnesota def. St. Louis in 6

Boston def. Toronto in 7

Pittsburgh def. NY Rangers in 5

Detroit def. Montreal in 7

Washington def. NY Islanders in 5

Chicago def. Minnesota in 5

Los Angeles def. Anaheim in 6

Detroit def. Boston in 7

Pittsburgh def. Washington in 6

Los Angeles def. Chicago in 6

Pittsburgh def. Detroit in 4


Pittsburgh def. Los Angeles in 5

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So after taking a grasp of how asinine the new playoff system is, here are my predictions.

Atlantic Division

1. Boston

2. Ottawa

3. Toronto

4. Detroit WC1

5. Montreal

6. Tampa Bay

7. Buffalo

8. Florida

Met Division

1. Pittsburgh

2. Philadelphia

3. Washington

4. NY Rangers WC2

5. NY Islanders

6. Columbus

7. Carolina

8. New Jersey

Central Division

1. Chicago

2. Dallas

3. St Louis

4. Winnipeg WC2

5. Minnesota

6. Nashville

7. Colorado

Pacific Division

1. Los Angeles

2. San Jose

3. Anaheim

4. Vancouver WC1

5. Edmonton

6. Phoenix

7. Calgary

SO I think this is how the Playoffs would look.


1 Pittsburgh v 8 Detroit

2 Boston v 7 NY Rangers

3 Philadelphia v 6 Washington

4 Ottawa v 5 Toronto


1 Chicago v 8 Winnipeg

2 Los Angeles v 7 Vancouver

3 San Jose v 6 Dallas

4 St Louis v 5 Anaheim




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St. Louis is so much better than Dallas. Are you on drugs?

The Blues' lineup should be something like this:

Steen - Backes - Rattie

Paajarvi - Berglund - Tarasenko

Sobotka - Schwartz - Oshie

Jaskin - Roy - Stewart

When you have Derek Roy and Chris Stewart on your 4th line, you should be a pretty good team. Obviously their top 6 isn't anything special (unless Taransenko and Rattie just go off), but that depth should have them at least in the 2nd spot in the Central.

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My prediction?

Fans will complain abotu the officiating.

Don Cherry will complain abotu soem European players.

Gary Bettman will get booed.

Or am I going out on a limb?

Comic Sans walks into a bar, and the bartender says, "Sorry, we don't serve your type here."

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Here's what I've settled on. Quite a few divisions are very tightly packed (such as the Metropolitan and Pacific) that this will probably blow up into smithereens quite quickly.


1. Boston

2. Detroit

3. Ottawa

4. Toronto

5. Montreal

6. Tampa Bay

7. Florida

8. Buffalo


1. Pittsburgh

2. Washington

3. NY Rangers

4-7. Whatever of the Columbus, New Jersey, NY Islanders, Philadelphia group and give two wild cards between them

8. Carolina


1. Chicago

2. St. Louis

3. Minnesota

4. Dallas (WC)

5. Nashville

6. Winnipeg

7. Colorado


1. Vancouver (because for some reason the Canucks will find regular season success)

2. Los Angeles

3. Anaheim

4. San Jose (WC)

5. Edmonton

6. Phoenix

7. Calgary

ECF: Pittsburgh over Detroit

WCF: Los Angeles over St. Louis, as is tradition

SCF: Los Angeles over Pittsburgh


Twitter: @RyanMcD29

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