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Oldschoolvikings' NFL concepts - Vikings added (now with sore thumb socks!)


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OK, another shot at Tampa Bay. Their new mess has WAY too many colors (along with all the other problems) so I've paired it down to just red, orange, and pewter. The only place black and silver (not chrome) still appear is in the logos. I've simplified, overall... shrunk the helmet logo and eliminated the outside stroke. Better number font. What do you think?


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Not sure how all teal will look. The teal-on-black looked awful with the original set. But I like what you've done with these. Stripe madness is correct though!

Well, the all-teal would look horrific, of course! IMO it goes without saying that the monochrome combos would suck. But, if I can create a fantasy world in which the jags would actually use my designs, you can be sure its a world in which the wearing of a monochrome uniform would result in a total dismissal from the league for any offending franchise.

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The Lions set is flat out sexy. Honolulu blue and gray/silver work so well without black. I’d be curious to see white with gray outline on the home jersey for comparison, but either way, this is awesome.


As to the silver vs. white on the Lions' numbers, I actually tried it both ways, and I can live with either one. However, I was trying to harken back to a particular Lions' look the I remember fondly...



Now this is the uniform I remember from my youth.

And a great update. :-D

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  • oldschoolvikings changed the title to Oldschoolvikings' NFL concepts - Vikings added (now with sore thumb socks!)

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