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Pics where the players look cool


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This isn't really a uniform thread but it sort of is because some uniforms and uniform accessories look cool, and you aren't going to look cool wearing all yellow or wearing white pants in hockey.

Anyway, I found this browsing the site and the player looks awesome.



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Most Famous picture in Hockey...

And speaking of guys wearing t-shirt of themselves...


i have no idea whats going on here, but it looks like this dude just tripped over the goalie's stick. if that's the case, he's not looking anything remotely close to cool

Not a big "history of sports" guy are ya?

not at all. im a specialist. football history is my jam

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^ wait, so that's NOT Dwight Schrute?

It's the English national soccer team's all time highest goal scorer and multi-millionaire Wayne Rooney enjoying a huge lollipop on vacation with his now fashion designer wife Coleen.

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Smoking is cool ?

so cool


Philly Blunt

The longer version of the more commong "blunt," a cigar that has been hollowed out and filled with marijuana (a Philly Blunt is also a brand of cigar that can be used for this purpose).

My goodness, really living up to the name huh ? :wow:

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This topic is now closed to further replies.

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