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College Baseball MLB Inspired Uniform Elements

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I’ve noticed some college baseball teams have uniform elements inspired by MLB teams.  It could be as simple as something like the Astros rainbow, but I’m thinking more like what the FIU Panthers did in the past with a nod to the Padres.  I also recall seeing something from TCU that looked similar to the Blue Jays late 2000s era.




Feel free to add any others you find.

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9 hours ago, Discrim said:

Unsure if either was intentional, @Clintau24 is much more likely to know, but Auburn has occasionally worn a Yankees-like uniform in recent years...



Bo knows Dodgers inspiration



Correct! Those pinstripe uniforms were often referred to as "Yankees pinstripes" by the team. They were replaced last year with a set that includes some more orange and a white hat, so the Yankee parallels are gone.


The Bo look is reminiscent of the cream throwbacks the Tigers wore for many years but have since mothballed and haven't worn since 2018. The orange numbers were directly inspired by the Dodgers.


Auburn has also worn a rather Twins-inspired "Tigers" wordmark back in 1997 and 1998.



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On 3/27/2021 at 12:16 PM, Lights Out said:

Some 1983-1993 Giants inspired looks:








And here's Miami using a slightly modified version of the Marlins' current script:




I think this was SMS/Missouri State Bears best baseball look, unfortunately when they went to Adidas they went to a terrible generic look!

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