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Short-lived uniform features

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On 5/5/2021 at 9:43 PM, johnnysama said:

Revealed: The Story Behind the Cubs’ 1972 Road Uni › Uni Watch

In 1972, due to a manufacturing error on the part of Wilson, who made these jerseys, the Chicago Cubs had their first pullover road jerseys feature the number on the center for that season only.


Do you think other teams should have gone this route with their pullover jerseys?


I didn't realize that was the result of a manufacturing error.  I just thought it was bad design.


I'm glad no other team did it . . . intentionally or unintentionally.  Centered front numbers just don't fit the normal baseball aesthetic.  This looks more like a basketball jersey with sleeves.

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The BYU bibs




Nike decided to have some schools were different colored sleeves. I remember VT, U of Miami, and UF. UF had by far the worst looking one because there was nother other design element acting as a border (Miami and VT had piping).



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How about gray-crowned road caps in baseball?


In the mid-90s, a few teams wore gray-crowned caps on the road.  The main teams I remember doing this were the Royals, Orioles, and Pirates.  There may have been others, but I can't remember anyone else who wore them.




Pittsburgh Pirates 1997-00? road | Pittsburgh pirates, National league,  Pittsburgh



I think for all 3 teams it was a pretty short-lived cap.  In the Orioles' case, if I'm not mistaken, they wore them during the first road trip of a season, and they didn't play well, so they never wore them again.  I am pretty sure the Royals only wore theirs for one season.  Not totally sure about the Pirates, but I don't think they wore them for more than 1 or 2 seasons.

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From roughly '88-'91, the Chargers had regular pants strips and not the lightning bolt.  While researching this, I learned that in 1991, the team wore only its white jersey / navy pants combo during the regular season.  They didn't wear their navy tops or white bottoms at all during the regular season.


FTB-5428-HR5.jpg  613m88QdB2L._AC_SY445_.jpg

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8 hours ago, SCalderwood said:

Not totally sure about the Pirates, but I don't think they wore them for more than 1 or 2 seasons.

IIRC it was at least 3 years, maybe 4.  Definitely lasted longer than either the Royals or Orioles' gray caps.

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On 5/7/2021 at 9:20 AM, cheo25 said:

The 1975 Astros bulls-eye on the back of the jerseys. The rainbow stirrups also didn't stick around long, but I think they might have been around for 1976, too.



I actually might still have a color photo of these jerseys, if I remember correctly.

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11 hours ago, 1991 said:

Let us not forget both the Royals and Mets wearing black drop shadows on their wordmark along with black jerseys and hats/helmets. This was also when the Royals wore vest jerseys.



I'm not sure that I'd consider the Mets BFBS phase to be short-lived.  They wore BFBS for around 15 years and even wore it to the World Series.  I think they held onto it long enough that their BFBS phase was more of a memorable and important part of their history than a forgettable hiccup. And I think they even brought back the BFBS jerseys this season. 


"Short-lived" is obviously a relative term though, so you might disagree.  But to me something they wore for 15 years would not belong.


Now if we want to talk about the white-crowned caps that they wore for a handful of games in 1997, and never again?  That is a better fit for this topic, in my opinion.


History & Legacy: The Mets Snow Whites – Mets Plus

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The Yankees switched from polyester to cotton uniforms for a handful of games in 1994. It went over really well with players at first, with Wade Boggs remarking, "What a fabric, finally we can breathe." Paul O'Neill even claimed he never dreamt a fabric "could be so soft and fluffy."


A few games later, the cotton uniforms shrunk and while wearing them, the barely mobile Yankees lost in a blowout. Don Mattingly even split his pants.


IIRC, a man named Costanza was to blame for the debacle.

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9 hours ago, insert name said:

The Dodgers wore blue jerseys for the 1999 season and never again. It lives in infamy for this single moment.




Was that when Chan Ho Park went Liu Kang on ol' boy??

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