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I knew I had seen that Nationals logo before!


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You confused me madly.

The Washington Fuddruckers, are the relocated baseball team from Montréal or a new hamburgers' franchise?

I'd like to taste that José Guillen's Supercombo...


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The resemblance isn't that similar!

Are you joking? Font looks almost exactly the same to me...

This logo belows. Way too plain and boring.

Yes I agree the main font is almost identical but outside of that it doesn't have enough similarities to be mistaken for one another.

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great observation- did you happen to rip it straight from my blog or one of my message board posts...?

Sorry about that. I didn't know you had cornered the market on observation. The next time something occurs to me, I'll be sure to check your blog first to make sure it's an original thought.


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i wonder what's sadder?

1) the fact that you registered on a new forum with the sole intention of joining a conversation that you thought was stolen from you.

2) the fact that you'd care enough to claim the original idea of saying the logos are similar, when the general concensus among the forum is that it's a stupid argument that doesn't hold much weight to begin with.

3) the fact that you've now made 4 posts on 4 forums that all revolve around the same straw-grasping conspiracy theory about a baseball logo.

i think it's a tie...

and on a side note, i don't understand why everyone seems to be loving this nationals logo to begin with.... the gold/copper/whatever color really ruins it for me. it just looks awful with red, white, and blue.

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First of all, welcome to the boards, knucklesandwich, another nOOb!

Next, spoonerize "Fuddruckers" to get what some peeps would say about the place.

Last, yes, it does kinda look like the logo.

And frankly, I prefer Wendy's.

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