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jerseys your gf likes on you


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Ok, with it being Valentine's Day on Monday and all, and with me being single and having nothing to plan for it this year, I wanted to take a "survey" . What jerseys do you currently own, that your girlfriend/ex-gf/fiancee/wife just love to see you wear? I know most of my friends gfs hate jerseys, but my ex def like a few of the ones I had.

so i'll start it off:

1. LaDanian Tomlinson powder blue throwback

2. USC Charles White Nike throwback

3. Eddie George alternate Titans

4. Rodney Harrison blue Patriots

5. Tom Brady red throwback

and the one jersey my ex absolutely HATED was my Ray Lewis ravens jersey, because he's a murderer, in her words.

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That's a simple one:It's got to be the Pat's Cedric Cobbs jersey that I just made last weekend for the Super Bowl.I dunno if it's because she likes how it looks on me or if it's because I made her the matching jersey tee.


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My black "super authentic" (in her words) John Stockton jersey

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My wife bought me a customized Calgary Flames pro jersey for our wedding gift.

When we got back to the hotel after the reception, she got out of her wedding dress and showcased the jersey for me!

I like ANY of my jerseys on my wife.

She likes my 2001 NHL All-Star Patrick Roy jersey.

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my girl prefers my mike piazza mets orange bp jersey. it drives her wild.



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Screw what they like on US.... guys wear jerseys to support their teams, not to impress women. Mine could care less about uniforms anyway (blasphamy, I know!), except to say that she hates the Buccaneers' pants. But then, if you ever catch me wearing Bucs' pants, you can start shooting.

Now, if SHE wants to wear my Sabres' third and nothing else, I'm not going to stop her! B)

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mine bought me a home issac bruce rams jersey. <_< i hate wearing that thing, but she likes it so i wont complain


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She’s still half convinced “Chris Creamer” is a porn site.)
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i'm currently single, but i have been told that i look good in purple.. specifically my los angeles kings 2001ish third jersey (the purple one, drawstrings, with the crown logo... just like the current thirds, only with the crown instead of the shield), and my daunte culpepper jersey.

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never had a gf, but all the honeys liked me in my #95 varsity jersey back in HS B) then again the only other jerseys I had back then were an Edgar Bennett home and a Robert Brooks home, neither of which fit anymore....heck, they liked me regardless, they were all taken tho :evil:


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Most girls just laugh at me. :cry:

J/k, but I have been told I look good wearing my Titans 3rd (Eddie George, #27) by a few spoken-for females. Great....real great... <_<

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