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Worst hockey jerseys ever?


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Quad City Mallards Western Jersey night.



I really don't know what else to say, except the players do not look happy to have their dignity destroyed in public like that.



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Sweet fancy Moses.

The player in the photo looks like he's looking for the jerk in marketing who decided to make them wear those things and lop his head off with his stick.

Seriously, those things look like kiddie pyjamas. :blink:

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And they said I didn't have talent when I was 3 years-old...


My eyes are sore...

I would like to ask if the team's marketing director position is now available.

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We should all chip in to buy one of those for Zoneranger. :P

Good one...

in a word of 3 syllables-


The guy on the left looks like someone I know--except he doesn't play hopckey...

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