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Spurs Court


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I was watching NBATV as they preview the Finals, and the Spurs have put a HUGE sideline-to-sideline NBA Championship Trophy at midcourt, dropping behind the tip circle and the Spurs logo. It's pretty bold looking and unavoidable. Wonder if the Pistons are doing the same thing...

Cant find any pics...but you'll definitely see it if you watch Game 1 tomorrow night!

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Wha? :blink:

So instead of putting a little emblem near the paint or along the sidelines, they put it right in the middle. I'm suprised that they didn't do this in the 90s when putting everything as big as humanly possible was IN.

Nevertheless, I like it.

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Man the NBA has changed SO much since the Jazz last made the NBA Finals. Back in '98 the Western and Eastern Conference Champions did NOT get a trophy, now they do. Back in the '98 Finals there was a small little logo that read 1998 NBA FINALS...and now the entire center court is of the NBA Championship trophy!

I'm jealous.

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