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More "Offensive" NCAA Mascots.


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Sorry if this was posted. Seems like it has many loopholes in it. I don't really get this whole issue. Let's hope animals (Lions, Tigers, Bears, oh my) don't get upset next.

It didn't bother people years and years ago, I think it's lawyers getting them riled up. Don't take offense to this, but they don't depict a racially harming name thing like the Honkeys, or Ni--ers, etc. So why would FSU Seminoles be so bad?

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Ich bin confused! They will ban the names for the postseason but regular season use is okay? :blink:

It's the NCAA...

Like they ever make any sense


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Well, can't the NCAA get any stupider or what?

It's extremely retarded, man. "Waa. They have Native American nicknames and we must ban them because to us, they are extremely insensistive to us, because everyone else's opinion is null and void. Waa."

I have an idea, how about dropping this issue and let them be.


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Isn't a the term "Yankee" slang for a white american or something?? I'm white and I don't give a damn. These natives who get offended over these team nicknames being called the Braves and Indians need to get a fluffing grip.


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I say FSU use Seminoles in the post season because they have permission from the Tribe. Same for Illinois. fluff the NCAA Illinios and FSU can go NAIA if the NCAA kicks them out! :lol:

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If the NCAA needs to go in this direction, why don't they settle for a moratorium on indian names for the future? If current teams have indian names, they can keep them until they decide to change. Then any change would have to be to a non-indian nickname.


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The NCAA is a total joke, this names should not be a problem. I remeber an article in SI a few years back where Native Americans largely had no problem with these names but white people did. That should read WHite Liberals witrh nothing better to do. Perhaps there should be no new Indian names but the ones taht have been a round should stay.



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hey! lets make everyone happy and ditch nicknames all together!1 Now, it will be known as the Florida State Football Team, the North Dakota Hockey Team, the Connecticut Basketball Team, the Texas Baseball Team and so on!!! Nobody is offended!!11!one!1!


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the Seminoles Nation said that FSU could use there name.

so did the illinois tribe {i dont know how to spell it}

As do the Utes of Utah

if these guys have the sanction of their respective tribe, what is the problem?

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In this morning's paper it said this name ban wouldn't affect I-A football teams (FSU, Illinois, etc.) because there's no NCAA football tournament for that class.

So the Seminole football team can play in the championship game with no sanctions, but the basketball or baseball team can not? How hypocitical!

The pointy heads at NCAA headquarters must really be on crack or crank or some bad s**t. Sanity here, people, puleeze!


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Well, IMO the NCAA saying this is that they ARE banning teamnicknames that offend. In other words IF you want to play in the post season you HAVE to change the name. So if Im a school Im going to change my name because I want it to look like I want to play in the post season. The NCAA banned it without banning it, which is genius on their part...you HAVE to comply. I dont like the ruling at all. There have been polls done on reservations about this topic and most, like 60-70%, dont care. Also a lot of them ARE Redskin fans, Indian fans, etc... because they think its cool. Its just an example of white people being overly sensative for no reason.

BUT they do have a point....there is no Philadelphia Jigaboos. Right?

Yankees was a negative term coming from a southerner. Sooner was someone that claimed land too soon when it was being given away by the government in new territories. Cornhusker....I dont know what that is.

IMO if the tribes approve it then its okay. Maybe they think it advertises their casinos! :P

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