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Worst MLB Uniforms


Who has THE worst uniforms in Major League Baseball?  

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so i was thinking about it, and i wanted to know what everyone thought would be the WORST uniforms in Major League Baseball. by this i mean who has the ugliest, not necessarily the worst based on number of alts, etc. comments are welcomed and appreciated, but i will have no arguing!........ok, go ahead, argue. especially those of us who like the red sox and hate the...well, you know...

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the astros. the unis themselves are nice, but they go in the opposite direction of the team's name. that is never good, imo. they had perfect unis in the mid/late 90's with the navy and gold, and they screwed it up with the current set.

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Arizona. I hate their logos.. I hate their name.. I hate their colors.. I hate the number of combos they have.. and I really hate their road pinstripes.

why don't you just come out and say it, you hate Arizona :P. I will disagree with you and say everything the opposite you say, the uniforms I hate to look at are the Rockies :puke:

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The blue jays are awful and while I like the Rockies home and home alt (the CR), the roads and the black alts are gross. However, I voted for the reds in protest of the black. I especially don't like it on the chest logo on the home unis. It looks forced, unnecessary and ugly.

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I voted Jays, but in no particular order...Jays (where's blue and what is up with graphite), Rays (green, ugh), Rockies (an inspiration to softball teams across America), Astros (never knew you could find colors that ugly), DBacks (nothing special about them), Padres (down with urine unis).

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I picked the jays. Why u ask ? Because first of all i dont like the fact that the have no blue in their name. Their know as the "Blue" Jays, and when people see theyr name the first thing ther guna see on their jerseys is blue, just like the "red" soxs, all u see is red. But instead the Jays go for all black. Secondally the jerseys are too plain no stripping, no numbers in the right bottom coner, and even more no shoulder patch, and the fact that they have no canadain flag on their logo, or their shoulders, sickens me. I hope they change their jerseys so again, because u gota admit, it seem liked they took 2 days to work on the Jays jerseys.


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Kansas City.

They know it too, which is why it's likely the royals looking at the light blue road jersey. It's time to lose the black.

But I can't leave out the D'backs ugly road jersey and the rockies weird sleveless....thing.


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The Rockies win, just on that abominable black vest with white/silver piping on the arm holes alone...but that awful purple alt and the pinstripes on the road....

The sad thing is that they had a GREAT identity when they came into the majors...then they messed it all up.

Dishonorable Mention:

-Mets (I don't mind the black trim, but the black alts are just a little over the top guys)

-Royals (see Mets)

-Blue Jays (last time I checked, the team was called the BLUE Jays, not the GRAPHITE Jays...here's a teensy tiny hint...try some BLUE!)

-Devil Rays (I'll give em credit..the new set is getting closer to something somewhat OK)

-Astros (it's a nice concept, but retro doesn't exactly fly with a futuristic name...also, have to agree with many here...navy/black, brick, & tan don't scream "ASTROS" to me...navy & gold or navy & orange would have been much better, IMO)


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Arizona. I don't dislike their name or anything like that, I just think they could do something better with it all. I don't even particularly dislike purple; it's the black and gold and teal... too many colors to decide on.

And Toronto definitely needs to put the blue back in Blue Jays.

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I concur with those lamenting the mere existence of the Rockies black alternate...it is the absolute worst, but their other jerseys are okay. The jays whole look is just bad.

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The Blue Jays actually have nice uniforms. It's the colors representing the team that are awful.

The worst uniforms, by far, are the Rockies. There is almost nothing right with the uniforms. The font is horrible. The CR on the caps looks dorky. The black sleeveless unis are some of the most horrible unis in baseball history. The only saving grace for the Rockies is their logo.

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The worst home uniform in baseball is the Blue Jays. The black and graphite hats do not go with the team name whatsoever. The worst road uniforms are the San Diego Padres. I can't stand that sand color or whatever that grotesque color is. Even powder blue would have been better. The worst alternate jersey is that sleeveless get-up the Colorado Rockies wear. They look more like Little League jerseys than something a professional ballplayer would wear. It's just another reminder of how rediculous alternate jerseys have become.

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The Padres. Not only for abandoning the brown/orange/golds, or even the orange/navy scheme. Not only for dumping the Swingin' Friar (although they get half-credit for bringing him back on the alt sleeve). Not only for the urine-colored road pants that do not match the wordmark and numeral colors (khaki v. sand). But also for the wordmark that from a perspective standpoint, just looks disorienting. There are better, simpler ways to write "SAN DIEGO" that would look much smoother.

Dishonorable mention:

Blue Jays (it's been beaten to death already here, I won't say it)

Royals (see Blue Jays)

D-Backs (only for the dueling cap monograms... the "D/snake" needs to go, cap logos should represent the home city/state, not the nickname's initials)

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The Blue Jays are BY FAR the worst. That cap logo is just humongous. They should go back to their 1990s unis that they won the World Series in.

While the Rockies unis are by no means good, I am very surpirsed that they are so close to the Blue Jays in the voting.

Others that I do not care for are Arizona, Philadelphia, Mets black trim on the pinstripes (the rest are ok), Brewers and Padres.

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