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Best NHL Alternate Jersey


Which Team Wears Your Favorite Alt Jersey?  

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I always like the look of alternate uniforms, especially NHL jerseys, so i wanted to see what you thought about them. i didnt want to make another elimination game so heres a poll for you. Discuss.....

And for reference, here they all are:






















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who in god's name voted for dallas?! that's by far the worst uniform in sports today.

i voted for toronto, but it was hard to decide... my favorites on the list are toronto, chicago, phili, nashville (yes... nashville... it's ugly, but that's why i love it. at least it's team colors, and has a logo that's recognizable as it's team... more than can be said for my stars.)

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I gotta vote for the Oilers, but I LOVE the Blue Jacket's alt jersey... The Leafs in my opinion need a new alt, preferably a dark one...they are the only team in the league with a white alternate jersey...and it doesnt look that good... (They need to bring back the 70's jerseys!!!!)


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I voted for the Blackhawks because it's a nice jersey and they do what I feel the alts should be...just their jersey in another color. For some reason it bothers me when the alt has the shoulder patch reversed with the crest (Kings), a completely different logo (Flyers), or a completely different uniform (Oilers).

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Went with the Leafs alt mostly b/c I like the old school leaf a heck of a lot more than the current one...

The Jackets one comes in a really close 2nd and I have to agree with appleclock...the Ohio flag & star logo should be the primary, not the alt.

Others worthy of merit:

Rangers (The Lady Lib logo actually looks good and kind of fits)

Oilers (took a little getting used to, but the more I see it, I like it)

Hawks (perfect conversion of the classic look in black)

Sens (I really like this...the only thing keeping it back is the Peace Tower patch, which IMO didn't come out all that well)

Wild (Classic throwback style that looks good and fits the team's motif)

Ones that should just be burned in a public bonfire:

Islanders (traffic cone orange doesn't work (unless you're the Flyers, the Tennessee Vols, or the Dutch national team)

Thrashers (powder blue kinda works, but the ATLANTA down the sleeve kills it), Preds (don't mind the mustardy yellow...it's just the skull)

Canucks (figures..they get a classy uni design then they bust out an uneeded gradient..guess they had to keep the tradition of having at least one ploppy looking uniform alive)

Flyers (like the orange being back, but the classic logo being beveled..oy)


Stars (Mooterus...just a bad idea...heck, I would have prefered the gold version of the regular jerseys that they originally proposed over these things)


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I just cannot get my fingers to type anything nice about the Oilers' oil drop sweater. I really like their "oil worker pulling a hockey stick lever" alternate logo though. The Rangers' lady liberty swater is very nice, but I had to go with the Leafs. I just wish they would make it the primary.

On January 16, 2013 at 3:49 PM, NJTank said:

Btw this is old hat for Notre Dame. Knits Rockne made up George Tip's death bed speech.


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This poll made me realize there are more bad ones than good ones now.

The old days of making your third color the jersey color and using either the secondary or primary logo once more seem to have gone by the wayside as more and more teams come up with something either bland and unispiring or just flat out assault our senses with jerseys too ugly to be believed. I won't soon forget the double whammy of the Isles and Flyers jerseys being announced at pretty much the same time and each being just terrible as can be.

Out of that entire list of 21, I like all of four. Maple Leafs, Wild, Flames and Blackhawks, three of which are some of the oldest ones still in use. :flagcanada::hockeysmiley::notworthy::hockeysmiley::flagcanada:


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that flames "fire dragon" is a horse.

and i gotta go with the oilers.

The problem is the horse has no mane--if they gave it a flaming mane it might look okay--but as is--it is an awful logo...

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I voted for the Blue Jackets' third because it's actually a big improvement amongst their regular set.

The Panthers NOW third jersey is their only great jersey. A shame they relegated it to third.

I'm seriously shocked that the Flyers third is getting so many votes. The logo has potential, but the jersey was executed extremely poorly. What's with those ridiculous white dips on the sleeves? What element of the Flyers identity inspired those?

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