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Stadiums to visit before you die.

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I don't know if this topic has ever been brought up before, but for me there are 3 stadiums that I want to watch a game in before I die. These are:

Notre Dame Stadium

Wrigley Field

Fenway Park

My list would of also included the Montreal Forum and Tiger stadium but I was able to see games there before they both closed.

So what are everyone elses stadiums?



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I agree with you about Fenway and Wrigley. I have been to Tiger Stadium (Detroit) back when I was a young child, I don't remember it but I was there. For my personal list, I would like to add the Astrodome, I know it's rarely used now, but it would make a nice visit.

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Tough, tough call -- I'll go with:

1. Fenway Park

2. Cameron Indoor Stadium

3. Michigan Stadium

I thought about Yankee Stadium, but I realized that that might hasten the occurrence of my demise, depending on my choice of attire. :P

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I've been to the 3 Old Baseball Stadiums. Saw 2 games at Wrigley, 1 game at Fenway and I can't even count the number of games at Yankee Stadium I've been too.

I loved Wrigley. Went their in 2003, you're up close the sightlines are great (unless you buy obstructed view). It's a great atmosphere.

I hated Fenway, I went in '99 the year they hosted the All-Star Game. Outside the stadium had great atmosphere however I was disappointed on the inside. It was just old. Tiny concourses and you couldn't see over the people in front of you.

Yankee Stadium I've been to the most. Doesn't have the real old charm Wrigley has because of the remodel in the 70's but you do get a great sense of baseball history. Atmosphere is great especially for a big game and the playoffs. In a few years there will be a new Yankee Stadium and I will be a bit sad because I have so many great memories of games I've been to there. A despite of what is the streotype if you wear the opposing team shirt nothing will happen to you outisde of a being teased a little unless you are real obnoxious. Yankee fans don't have the hatred toward the Red Sox as the Red Sox fans have toward the Yankees.

But overall I think Wrigley id the best. But you have to go to all 3 of them.

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1. The current Madison Square Garden--Cablevision has had plans for the last few years to build a new Garden just a few blocks away from the current one. It's currently the 2nd oldest arena (1968) in both the NBA and NHL, behind Seattle's KeyArena (NBA; 1962) and Pittsburgh's Mellon Arena (NHL; 1961).

2. Wrigley Field--I remember my grandmother once told me that she took me to a game back around '81 or '82 when I was a baby, but I don't remember much from the experience.

3. Fenway Park

4. Dodger Stadium--even though I live in the Los Angeles area, I never got the opportunity to make the trip to Chavez Ravine. I hope to at least make to a game this year.

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My Choices..and I'll go by sport

MLB -- Wrigley Field (already have Yankee & Fenway checked off the list)

NFL -- Lambeau Field

NHL -- Joe Louis Arena (went to a B's game at the Gah-den before it became a big vacant lot next to Banknorth)

NBA -- the only one I ever wanted to go to was MSG...done it already :lol:

College Football -- Notre Dame Stadium..nowhere a ND fan, but I think it'd be kinda cool go there...the Horseshoe in C-Bus & the Big House in A-Square are right there on the short list too.

College Hoop -- Been to Gampel (UConn) & Cole Field House (UMD's old home)..next up on the list would probably either the Dean Dome (UNC), Pauley Pavilion (UCLA), or the Breslin Events Center (MSU). I'd last about 2 seconds at Cameron Indoor :lol:

College Hockey -- Been to Ingalls (Yale)...other one I'd want to see is Yost (Michigan).

AHL -- Went to HersheyPark Arena before it closed, so that removes the only one from the A that I'd want to go to :lol:

EPL -- Anfield, Old Trafford, the list here is endless...

Other UEFA -- Allianz Arena (1860 & Bayern Munich), San Siro (Inter and AC Milan), Della Alpi (Juventus), Nou Camp (Barca)


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Well, I've been to the big three: Wrigley (used to have season tickets as a kid), Fenway and Yankee Stadium. I'd agree that, although I never was at the Stadium before the 1970's remodel, I got the impression that it took a lot of its character away...

Truthfully, the stadium I'd most like to visit is no more... I'd give anything to have seen a game at the Polo Grounds... I love playing MVP Baseball in Harlem on my PSP - and if the Mets ever get a new ballpark, I'd rateher see them recreate the park at Coogan's Bluff than Ebbets Field...


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1. The Joe

2. Ford Field(although i'd rather go to the Silverdome)

3. I would say Tiger Stadium, but it's no longer in use

4. MSG

5. Air Canada Centre

6. Notre Dame Stadium

7. Angel Stadium of Anaheim

8. Busch Stadium

I think that's basically it, although I'll take in a game anytime, anywhere.

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Notre Dame Stadium

Fenway Park

Yankee Stadium

Those are the 3 that I havent visited that Id probably like to see the most.

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Lambeau Field

Yankee Stadium

Fenway Park

Madison Square Garden

Notre Dame

Camp Randall Stadium

Wrigley Field

Soldier Field

forget it I know I'll make it there so I just want to go EVERYWHERE!!!

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MLB: Wrigley (been to Kaufman Stadium 3 times...my personal favorite)

NHL: the Pens new arena (whenever they get it built...optimistic)

NFL: Lambeau, Arrowhead, and Heinz Field

College Basketball: Phog Allen Fieldhouse - Lawrence, Kansas

College Football: Notre Dame Stadium

Those are the only ones that matter to me...

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Sky Dome (In the hotel)

And those only because I've been to the Melbourne Cricket Ground a thousand times.

Which to me, is the best stadium anywhere.


The blue and white line with the 50 on it in the foreground is the 50m line.

This means it's 50 meters (55 yards) from there to the goals at the far right of ths pic.

It's 170 meters long, which is about 190 yards.

Oh, and I've got a site.

Footy Jumpers Dot Com

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