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Padres DESERT camo uniforms


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...well, also props to them for going with green batting helmets too--usually teams do things like that half-assed...

Watching the game the signs were being confused among hte battery--no truth to the rumor its because of the camoflague...and is it just me or was it hard to spot their infielders last night?

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The switch away from the old woodland camo is good. The switch to a desert camo the Army and Marines no longer use, not so good.

The Army now wears this single new camouflage for woodland and desert uses. It looks like this:


(Note that the old desert camo is still in use as the Army phases in the new uniforms, but the Army says that as of April 2005 all freshly issued uniforms are supposed to be the new kind.)

The Marine Corps uses its own set of modern camouflage, with different desert and woodland varieties. The Marine desert camo looks something like this:


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The new army unis are based off of Russian/Germany Army uniforms. The design is based off of 'bitmap' dots. My son is in the army and likes them very much. Much better than the old camo -but I still like the like old camos.


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