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Most Memorable Sports Plays Of All Time


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I was pretty upset by Hull's skate in the crease, but I didn't really think Buffalo had a chance to win that series anyway. It would have been nice to take it to Game 7, but Buffalo winning that in Dallas seemed kind of far-fetched. Still, it was devastating.

Three plays that I will always feel deeply:

Luis Gonzalez' bloop single in 2001. This was right after Sept 11, many of us were rooting for New York, Jeter became "Mr. November," my dog died, and I all wanted was for the Yankees to win.

After Gonzalez hit that single to force the win, I shut off the TV, went to my room and just felt miserable. There was too much going on anyway at that time and that damn single was the straw that broke my mental state's back. I couldn't watch Sportscenter for weeks and I haven't been a baseball fan sense.

The second-most vivid play I've ever witnessed was the Immaculate Deception and Frank f'n Wychek. I was ecstatic that the Rob Johnson experiment worked (FU Wade Phillips!) and even more happy that Steve Christie hit that late field goal.

That stupid forward lateral though, and my subsequent begging of the Bills to tackle ANYONE made me feel so entirely despondent and helpless. It was truly a terrible moment. Living in upstate New York didn't help -- everyone in Rochester was miserable and angry.

However, Hakim Warrick's block in 2003 more than made up for everything. I've never been as happy as a sports fan in my life.

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