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2007 NHL All-Star jerseys...


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Not a fan of the new jersey's. It'll be weird to see the Avs current logo put on that type of style of jersey.

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So this explains why the Buffaslugs are off to a fantastic start. All the nay-sayers were WRONG!!!

I like these jerseys as they are. I dread to see what other NHL teams are going to look like with this though.

Also, I wouldn't be surprised is these are what Dallas' jerseys look like next year (with their colors of course).

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Good grief, this is not the apocalypse. The collar has been done before (Toronto, Buffalo, etc.), and the hem has been done before (Nashville 3rds). The piping may be a little wacky, but for the love of all that is sacred, calm down.

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I can't imagine how the Red Wings will be able to translate their design (especially the white sweaters) to this. See, you can't really have a stripe go all the way around, because the solid part breaks mid-way through into a meshy part. Also, the Wings' sleeves are fit with the way the current jerseys are cut (look at how they break at the shoulders with the cut).


I don't have any graphics software, but if they had to use this template, I imagine they'd stay relatively conservative and just have the "shoulder" part red, and maybe a red stripe going across the front, at the bottom, and the back, but broken by the mesh on the sides. And something similar on the reds.

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Hmm... interesting to say the least. I'm just hoping that isn't 80's style mesh on the back and on certain other parts of the jersey, because it looks weird. The forearms look too tight for my liking, and if this jersey is to be tucked in, it'll just look stupid. The only feature I can say I like is the addition of the NHL logo at the collar.

As for the All-Star design, it's not the worst thing ever (even if the Eastern Conference jersey looks very plain with red armpits), especially considering the fact that NHL teams might still be able to have their own jersey styles. However, I'm not sure if traditional striping will look good on this type of jersey.

I won't be suprised if fan pressure eventually forces the NHL to switch back to the current style, which is far better than this.


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Striping=a bit wacky, but dynamic for another OK

I would really like to see one with the name and number font on it. Nashville's font would be very, very nice on this template so I'll hold my final appearance grade until I see what they go with there, but for now a B+.

What concerns me is the mesh indicated on the sides is supposed to comprise the entire back of the jersey? :shocked:

That's a concern. Could translate into something real bad in real life. I'm going to hold my final, final grade until I see one in person.


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The jock tag on the outside, toward the bottom, suggests to me a continued push toward tucking in. So does the lack of any striping across the bottom.

As for the rest... I dunno. Someone with artistic talent (in other words, not me) try translating current sweaters into this template and see what happens.


Upon further examination... the contrastic mesh along the sides will most likely render making horizontal stripes along the hem impossible. Well, not "impossible," but something Reebok would be unwilling to do, lest it infringe upon the brilliance of their new jersey template. Sleeve stripes look like a possibility, as long as the curvy piping is not a requirement for all jerseys. The neckline is nearly identical to the new Slugs, which I mentioned in an earlier comment reeked of change for change's sake. It also appears that names and numbers on the back will have to be shrunk to accomodate a narrower back panel. A mixed bag all in all, but so far I'm seeing more negatives than positives. Of course, if these new jerseys make one or two of the league's young stars capable of putting up 150-200 points in a season, then the change will be worth it.

I see about a 1% chance of that actually happening.

On 1/25/2013 at 1:53 PM, 'Atom said:

For all the bird de lis haters I think the bird de lis isnt supposed to be a pelican and a fleur de lis I think its just a fleur de lis with a pelicans head. Thats what it looks like to me. Also the flair around the tip of the beak is just flair that fleur de lis have sometimes source I am from NOLA.

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Oh yeah, I can definitely see how the Slugalo jersies fit perfectly on that template. God help us all.


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This template is a nightmare for any player with a long last name. There is just not enough room for Langenbrunner or VandenBussche to fit without dropping down to a tiny letter font.

I dislike the euro-collar as will the Rangers faithful.

I fail to see how breezers are going to be adapted since they come up the ribcage. If I tucked my jersey in, you wouldn't be able to see the bottom of my numbers.

Parting thought: I don't see Dallas adopting this template(although they've cribbed the All-Star Jersey before) Their current look will translate to this template without much modification.

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So this is what it would look like if a football jersey humped a motocross jersey?

Garbage. Gretsky and Lemieux seemed to do fine in a "sweater" it's the clutching, grabbing, and lack of penalties being called slowing the game down.

Will they have two-tone twill numbers or will it be cheap heat pressed one color numbers like in the olympics?

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