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Houston Texans in all red tomorrow night


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The Texans will wear red pants with their red jerseys tomorrow night against Denver. According to the Houton newspaper it will be the first time they will wear red pants.

Donning the Battle Red

The Texans will wear Battle Red jerseys for the game Thursday. It is the first time the team will wear red jerseys and red pants.

Houston Chron

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Can't say I am surprised the Texans are pulling this off. From the beginning I always thought the Texans should use the red unis as their primary ones, but seeing them paired up with matching pants has me wondering if they're trying to do something like what I have thought.

Why not red with navy pants?

This would look a million times better, good looks for them. Similar to how the Falcons wear red jerseys/black pants.

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Looks like the Texans decided they wanted to get the all red uniforms out before bucco_b did it for them.

All that means is one less team for me to worry about now... :D

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