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Your Favorite Teams?


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On 5/19/2020 at 5:20 AM, nelroy78 said:

MLB: Atlanta Braves

NFL: Carolina Panthers

NCAA: UNC, Charlotte 49ers

NBA: Charlotte Hornets, Chicago Bulls (was die-hard when Jordan played)

NHL: Carolina Hurricanes

Same, besides the crossed out. Grew up outside Raleigh. I root for the Colts and Pacers too being in Indy now but don't follow them heavily. I've been rooting hard for New England since Cam signed there too. But my support for them will be gone when he is.

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MLB:  NY Yankees - was born in NJ, family lived in the Bronx and surrounding areas in late 70's-80's. My first game was technically while still in my mom's stomach late during the 1982 season vs Cleveland. Spent early years going to games with my Pops until we moved to FL in '87.
NBA: Orlando Magic - Grew up attending games with my Pops who was a season ticket holder from 1989-2004 (he didn't renew because of GM incompetence/losing T-Mac). I've been an on/off again  season ticket holder since 2007.
NFL: Jacksonville Jaguars - Moved briefly to JAX for a few years in '95, the same year the Jags started playing. My step-dad was the Chief Photographer for the city, so from 1995 to 1998 I got to "assist" him on the field for all home games & a few road games (1996 - Buffalo, Denver & Foxboro).  I basically just held his camera bag and followed him around while watching the games. Best years! 
NHL: Tampa Bay Lightning - I've lived most of my life in central FL. Due to proximity the Lightning became my defacto team. I go to a handful of games a year, been hooked on Lightning hockey (and hockey in general) for close to 20 years now.
MLS: Orlando City Lions - hometown team, supporter since their inception. 
EPL: Tottenham Hotspur - Started getting seriously into pro soccer/football around the time Orlando City debuted in the USL (2011). Me and a few friends that had season tickets to Orlando City decided we needed a EPL team to root for as well. We didn't want to cheer for one of the powerhouse teams (ManU, Chelsea, Man City, etc.) cause it felt like joining a bandwagon, so we went with Tottenham after being persuaded by one of our friends who is Welsh and a fan of Garreth Bale. 
College: UCF Knights - alma mater. 

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Well since i'm new here, i might as well start here. 


NFL: Tennessee Titans: Both my parents were Houston Oiler fans and they kept their fandom even after they moved to Tennessee and passed it down to me when I got into football. Also like the Cardinals due to me attending college in Arizona


MLB: Houston Astros: Same for the Oilers/Titans. My parents just grew up on them and passed it down to me. It's harder to root for them now that the cheating got exposed, so I sorta picked up the D-Backs as my secondary team now that I go to college in AZ. 


NBA: Dallas Mavericks: Didn't really get into the NBA until around 2011 when me and my family moved to Dallas, just in time for the Mavs run to the championship. The feeling in DFW was absolutely electric and it was easy to root for them. I had never experienced a city on fire like that before. Been hooked ever since #MFFL


NHL: Dallas Stars/Arizona Coyotes: Stars because their my home state's only NHL team and I used to go to their games when I was a teenager, Coyotes because see NFL and MLB. 


NCAA: Northern Arizona: Where I currently go to school. 


MLS: Houston Dynamo: Not a big soccer guy whatsoever, but I remember them winning the MLS cup when I was younger. I still like them I guess. 



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Call me light-hearted, that's okay. The most fun part of being outside US is that I don't have a regional allegiance to follow, so I may sympathise with some teams, usually because of some athletic, aesthetic or historical aspect, without being necessarily a die-hard fan.

In NFL, I sympathise with Steelers and Bears, because they were the first teams I saw playing. Bears also because of the history. Steelers was also a very good team when I started to watch Football, so I somewhat might get attracted with them.


In NBA, like other gazillions of people, I sympathise with Lakers. I like the aesthetic of Gold and Purple,but surprisingly I like the light blue and white aesthetic of the Minneapolis Lakers better. Since my teen years, I have a slight dislike for OKC Thunder, probably because I liked previous Seattle Supersonics identity.


In NHL, I sympathise with Canadiens, because of the history, but also with Jets and its somewhat military aesthetics. Maybe a controversial point, but I prefer canadian teams over american ones.  I feel Canada as a hockey nation more than United States. I think I liked Islanders when I was a teen, but mostly for the graphics. 


I hardly follow MLB, so my views on baseball are mostly aesthetical. I like Giants because I saw some of their good moments in the last decade. In a strange opposition to the NBA case, I kind of dislike Yankees because of the spread and misuse of NY logo in baseball caps around the world.


I don't have a solid opinion about MLS currently. Honestly, I prefer to watch other leagues of Association Football. But as a brazilian, I'm always watching soccer, wherever it is happening. Sometimes I start to watch and I find myself watching something randomly, like Real Salt Lake v Columbus Crew.


For some time I had a kind of love/hate relationship to RBNY and other Red Bull teams because of their "joint identity". Today, with them spread around the world, I couldn't care less. I like Timbers because of their nice fanbase, and followed Orlando City for some time when Kaka, my biggest association football idol, was there. I like to follow players that were formed on the club I'm a fan, São Paulo FC. For now, I know Auro Jr is in Toronto FC and Brenner is at FC Cincinnati. So I'll probably prefer them against the opposite team, because they have a player that I know somewhat well (also, when the player transferred there, it brings  my team some money and media).

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College: Oregon State (alma mater) and Fresno State (hometown)

MLB: Los Angeles Dodgers

NBA: Portland Trail Blazers (due to going to college in Oregon, didn't have a NBA team before that)

NFL: Los Angeles Rams (became a fan when they moved back from St Louis, didn't have an NFL team before)

NHL: Los Angeles Kings

MLS: Los Angeles Galaxy

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Hello people, mine are as follows.


MLB: none

MLS: Galaxy and Montreal

NHL: Devils and Flames

NBA: none since Jordan retired

NFL: Raiders

NLL: San Diego Seals



Singapore PL: Albirex Niigata Singapore

English PL: Wolves

Championship: Hull City

SPFL: Celtic

Serie A: Hellas Verona


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