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Your Favorite Teams?


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13 minutes ago, FinsUp1214 said:


Awesome! That's a great jersey to have! ;) 


And yeah, those three were something else. My favorite sports memories as a kid are pretty much monopolized by those late 90's Jazz teams. Still gets me down thinking they never could get a ring, haha. Dang MJ. :P 

Ugh, I know. I also came to be not-a-fan of certain Jazz players who stunk, like Greg Ostertag and Shandon Anderson. I can still remember Anderson missing a dunk in a playoff game! (Not sure if it was NBA Finals or conference playoffs.)

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Don't think I've chimed in here yet. 


MLS: Toronto FC. I'll never forget when Toronto was awarded an expansion team. I grew up a fan of soccer because of my Dutch background and finally professional soccer was coming to Toronto. If I had to choose one team over all this is my favorite. 


English soccer: Spurs. Rafael Vander Vaart is probably my all time favorite soccer player. At the time of me really getting into the premiership he was there. I've been a fan since. 


Eredivisie: PSV Eindhoven. Most of my family is from Eindhoven. That said my great uncle was really involved with the supporters group for FC Zwolle (in fact when he passed a couple years ago they paid tribute to him in the stadium) . So they are a close #2


NHL: Colorado Avalanche. Roy, Sakic and, Forsberg. Need I say more? Now my fave in the league is there in Duchene (played junior for my home town Battalion when they were in Brampton). 


NLL: Toronto rock. Besides the hometown squad; my uncles high school friend: Jim Venkman played for the rock. Gave us tickets once and I was hooked! I love lacrosse. 


NFL: Buffalo Bills. Growing up my dad was a Winnipeg boy and apparently the Bombers and Vikings ended up with a lot of similar talent. Bombers who played well would end up with the Vikings. So I became a Vikings fan. Then I went to my first game live in Buffalo. The rest was history. Go Bills! (I also love the city of Buffalo.)


Otherwise; it's all home town teams. Raptors, Jays, Rush, Argos and, the ECHL's Brampton Beast.


Also.....I'm moving to Kelowna, BC in less than a year now. So I'm trying to get into the WHL now and following the Rockets. So let's add them to this list too. 

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NFL: Broncos

MLB: Rockies. I root for the Cubs and Angels, but don't really follow them closely. I also like watching the Orioles and Nationals play.

NBA: Could care less, but I'll say the Nuggets in theory

NHL: Avalanche but I haven't watched hockey in years

NCAAF: Colorado teams, Boise State (thanks to @dsaline97), anyone who's playing Notre Dame

NCAAB: Valparaiso, anyone who's playing Butler, Colorado teams, mid-majors

MLS: Rapids in theory, but I've enjoyed watching Portland and Seattle a lot more recently

BPL: Chelsea, only because Neymar and Messi didn't show up when Barca played Chelsea at FedEx Field last summer.


Side note: Next year I'm going to Berkeley for grad school, so I could see myself hopping on the Golden State bandwagon hardcore.

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I recently moved to Atlanta from Florida, and I've been trying to support all the local teams because I always said I'd do so if I ever moved to a real "sports" city. (insert joke about ATL not being a real sports city here.)


It's been tougher than I thought, but now I consider myself a fan of all the ATL teams. I won't disclose which Florida teams I used to support, but let's just say some of them are division rivals with some Atlanta teams and my allegiances have been somewhat torn. But I'm trying.

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NHL- Habs. My grandfather came over from England in the 50's, and got really into hockey and the Habs. Not sure what exactly sparked the Habs' fandom, because he lived and worked in Detroit and the Wings were dominant at the time. Anyways, that passed down to my dad, who is probably as hardcore as it gets (can name every play in every playoff game from 1965 forward) and then to me. 


The Red Wings have always been my team B just because of proximity, the rich history and my love of all things Detroit.


NBA- Pistons. Local team and it also helped that they were starting their early 2000's rise just as I was really getting into basketball.


MLB- Tigers.


My NL team is the Pirates. I took a trip to Pittsburgh in 2014 and fell in love with the city. One of my favorites. 


NFL- Lions. Not sure how, but...


NCAA- Michigan. 

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NHL: Blackhawks, Maple Leafs have always been my #2 since I was a kid.  I'll also watch the Kings and Sharks occasionally too.

MLB: Cubs

NFL: Bears

NCAA: Badgers - have a lot of family in Wisconsin: Notre Dame at times, Used to love watching Penn State as a kid in the 90's but, well...

NBA: Bulls? I guess? Haven't really been into the NBA and the Bulls "three-petes."  Although back then I remember like the Magic and Hornets a lot too.


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NFL - Steelers, probably my favorite team. 

NHL - Penguins

MLB - Pirates, I follow them, but I only catch some of the games. 

NBA - Timberwolves...

NCAA - Where I live, pledging fandom to any team that is a rival to Clemson or Carolina will get you in a fight. 

MLS - I need to watch more games, but probably Atlanta when they join because their local to where I live. 

English Football - Wolverhampton Wanderers


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  1. New England Patriots- I was on a vacation in Atlanta when I was about 4, and in the Atlanta airport I saw an Atlanta Falcons team store. I told my dad that I wanted to be a fan of them since I was just getting into football at the time. So when we got home, we went on NFL.com to read more about the Falcons, but I noticed the Patriots logo first. Confusing them with the Falcons, I had my dad click on the Pats team page. I saw the blue uniforms (blue is my favorite color), and I was all of the sudden a Patriots fan. Coincidentally, half my family are from Massachusetts, and they're huge Patriots fans, so I fit right in. 14 years later, and my love for this team has never been stronger. The New England Patriots are probably what I love most in life. They mean the world to me. I shudder to think what would have happened if I clicked on the correct Falcons logo all those years ago...
  2. San Jose Sharks- Less of a story here. They're my local hockey team. Went to a Sharks-Canucks game in I think 2010 and fell in love with the sport and the team.
  3. California Golden Bears- Again my local team. Used to live about five minutes from Memorial Stadium. Also I have a family member as a professor at Cal, so I spend a fair amount of time on campus.
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NFL: Indianapolis Colts. I was born in Indianapolis and the Colts were good when I was growing up, they still are (well, they're decent). Also, I root for the Bengals and Bills because most of my family lives in Southwestern Ohio and I like the Bills because I grew up in Rochester, NY and got to watch many Bills games and now I get to watch Bengals games.

MLB: Originally I liked the Cleveland Indians best because I wanted to cheer for a different team than my dad, but they are now my second favorite team because my dad and family are reds fans and thus the Cincinnati Reds are my favorite team. Also, I root for the Red Sox because their fun to watch and their offense is stellar and the Twins because I watched a lot of their players when they were in Triple-A in Rochester.

NBA: Indiana Pacers. I was born in Indy and the Pacers played there. I didn't like them because they were good, but because they were from Indianapolis. Also, Reggie Miller and 90's Pacers inspired me to be a bigger Pacers fan (even though I wasn't alive when they were really good). Also, I root for the Celtics because they play in Boston and their good and I'm glad for Cleveland that the Cavaliers won the championship.

NHL: When I started watching hockey maybe 5 years ago, the Blackhawks were really good and they were relatively close to Indianapolis and Cincinnati, so I liked them (It didn't hurt that Patty Kane is from Buffalo). I don't watch much hockey anymore, but I'd still say they're my favorite team.

College Football: Ohio State. Does this really need explaining? My family is from Ohio, I live in Ohio. Also, I root for Indiana (I was born in Indiana), Cincinnati (dad went to UC and Cincy is really close to Dayton) and Syracuse (there's something beautiful about a loser and they were close by Rochester).

College Basketball: Ohio State. Also, I root for Indiana, Cincinnati, Xavier (they play in Cincy too), Dayton (close by), Wright State (close by).

MLS: Columbus Crew. Closest team, I hope to see a game some time, too bad they're no good this year.

National Soccer: Germany and U.S. because I'm half German and Germany is good and because I live in America

Premier League: Chelsea. Ivorian friend liked Chelsea because of Drogba, he has since switched alliances, but I've remained loyal to Chelsea.

Bundesliga: Bayern Munich. Best team in the Bundesliga and I've been to Munich. Also, cheer for Stuttgart.

Minor League Baseball: Rochester Red Wings and Dayton Dragons. Also, root for Louisville Bats, Indianapolis Indians, and Columbus Clippers.




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NBA 1: Orlando Magic

What do you expect? Until 2015 the Magic was the only hometown team we had, and the Howard era helped a little.

NBA 2: Houston Rockets

Born in Houston, not many other reasons

NFL: Houston Texans

Same reason as Rockets: born in Houston, and until Orlando gets a team (aka never), this is my team.

MLB 1: Tampa Bay Rays

Went to a Rays game a few years ago, and I've supported them ever since.

MLB 2: Los Angeles Dodgers

Honestly no reason, I just like them.

MLB 3: New York Yankees/Cincinatti Reds (tie)

My mom likes the Yanks, and my dad likes the Reds. This is nothing more than checking the scores and thinking "Oh, the Reds/Yankees lost again. That's too bad"

MLS: Orlando City

Season ticket holder since the beginning in 2010, and and they are probably my second favorite team period.

NHL: I don't like hockey, but if I had to choose, probably Lightning.

MiLB: Brevard County Manatees (Advanced-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers)

Same case as the Rays - went to one of their games about a year ago (because Orlando somehow doesn't have a minor league team) and I've followed them ever since.


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MLB: Cardinals (I grew up in NE Missouri, it's a given!!!!!!)

NFL: Steelers (my family is from Philly, picked at six years old outta spite!!! Constant quote "Ya don't like the Green and Grey?" The Eagle fans hate the Steelers, and I hate the Eagles!!!!!!)

NBA: ATL Hawks. I have lived in Atlanta area for five years and I've never had an NBA team, I guess it works?????

NHL: StL Blues, pretty obvious, pretty depressing?!?!




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On ‎8‎/‎23‎/‎2016 at 6:24 PM, Magic Dynasty said:

MiLB: Brevard County Manatees (Advanced-A affiliate of the Milwaukee Brewers)

Same case as the Rays - went to one of their games about a year ago (because Orlando somehow doesn't have a minor league team) and I've followed them ever since.


You'll be happy to know that the Manatees are relocating to Kissimmee's Osceola County Stadium in 2017.


You can visit http://probaseballbackincentralflorida.com/ for more details.

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I live near St. Louis, and my teams are...


NL: Cardinals

AL: White Sox

NFL: Rams, Chiefs, and Bears

NHL: Blues, though I don't worry about hockey that much outside the Olympics.

NBA: Pacers

MLS: Kansas City and Chicago

Liga MX: Club América. One of the first soccer games I've ever sat down and watched involved the Aguilas, so they'll always have a special place in my heart.

EPL: Tottenham Hotspur

NCAA Football: Illinois and Notre Dame

NCAA Basketball: SLU


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Grew up in suburban NYC, moved to Charlotte in 2006.


MLB: New York Yankees. Grew up on Yankee baseball. Both of my parents worked at the stadium during the height of the "Core Four" era. Got to see a lot of great baseball.

NFL: 1. Green Bay Packers: First game I really watched was MNF against the Raiders where Brett Favre threw for 4 TD's after his fathers death. Loved the team ever since. Second team would be the Carolina Panthers. Hometown team and they were the first team I really rooted for in the Super Bowl in 04. Always liked them (albeit they've been easy to root for recently) and breifly worked for them.

NHL: New York Islanders: Saw my first hockey game in Nassau in 97. One of my dads friends had season tickets and we would occasionally get tickets from him (about 3 games a year). 

NBA: Charlotte Hornets: Hometown team. Followed them extremely closely since 2008. If there was one team I wouldn't hesitate to call myself a superfan of, it would be the Hornets. Also have a soft spot for the Nets and Knicks.

MLS: Either NYRB, NYCFC or Seattle. I like soccer but I don't really associate with any one team. Those are the teams I tent to gravitate to. 

EPL: No real preference, though I tend to gravitate towards the London clubs.

Serie A: Inter Milan. Bought a Inter kit during a trip to Italy without knowing it. Had a passing interest ever since.

NCAA Football: Ball State

NCAA Basketball: Ball State and North Carolina 

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My favorite Arena Football League team(s) - Washington Valor

My favorite MiLB teams - Bowie Baysox, Potomac Nationals

My favorite MLB teams - Seattle Mariners, Washington Nationals

My favorite NBA teams - Golden State Warriors, Washington Wizards

My favorite NCAAF teams - Maryland Terps, Tennessee Volunteers, Virginia Tech Hokies

My favorite NFL teams - Carolina Panthers, Pittsburgh Steelers, Seattle Seahawks, Tennessee Titans

My favorite NHL teams - Anaheim Ducks, Tampa Bay Lightning, Washington Capitals

My favorite WNBA teams - Seattle Storm, Washington Mystics

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NFL: Seattle Seahawks

NBA: Golden State Warriors because of Klay Thompson and Sonics forever

NCAAF: Washington State Universety Cougars

MLB: Seattle Mariners

NCAAB: Gonzaga Bulldogs

NHL: Minnesota Wild

MLS: Seattle Sounders FC

MiLB:Everett Aquasox and Spokane Indians

WWE: Enzo Amore, and any of Shield

IFL: Spokane Empire

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