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Your Favorite Teams?


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Twins: second generation Minnesotan. Happened to go to games as a kid when they were the AL Central powerhouse. Will be a fan until the day I die

Montana Grizzlies: my dad went to college there and I live in montana

Minnesota Gophers: mom went there

Vikings: it's fun watching them lose

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University of Nebraska - I'm a native Nebraskan and grew up in the 1990s era of dominance. Tommie Frazier, Ahman Green, Mike Brown, Grant Wistrom, etc. Went to high school with Heisman winner Eric Crouch and watched him tear Nebraska High School teams to shreds - and then tear Big 12 teams to shreds.

For me though, the big thing about Nebraska has always been winning - but winning the right way. We don't have the most National Championships or Heisman Winners. We have plenty mind you, but it's about playing your very best because of the love of the sport. Nebraska leads the nation in Academic All-Americans. Wild stat - Tom Osborne graduated more Academic All Americans at Nebraska in his 25 year tenure than any other school has in their entire history. Google it if you don't believe me.

Also, things like supporting Team Jack and maintaining the NCAA Sellout Streak are just a way of life for Nebraskans. It's not some PR move our football team adopted, it's the way that real-life Midwesterners live their lives day in and day out. We help our neighbors, we go to church, we pack our stadium on Saturdays.


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Very simple for me:

Born / raised / now live in the Twin Cities (Twins, Vikes, Wild, Wolves)

Went to U of Wisconsin for undergrad (Badgers)

Make sense? It is amazing how many people here (MN) think I should prefer the Gophers. And how many people in WI think I should have become a Packer fan on my arrival (though no so with Bucks/Brewers).

Those are the only teams that I would get truly excited about winning a championship. When they are (almost always) out of it, I "pull for" teams based on having former Badgers, having a player I like, having a long title drought, or even uniforms...but I don't pretend to be a fan of that team. I was pulling for the Royals, but not pretending I was a "fan".

I did go to grad school at Iowa, so do kinda do a "fan light" thing when they are not playing Wisconsin...I don't know much about the teams and just cheer a bit more for them than a "pull for" team. Actually, it's a far more healthy fandom than my Wisconsin fandom.

I know plenty of people from the Cities who attend school in Madison and even some Sconnies here at the U, and it baffles me that some people would expect them to completely change up their rooting preferences based on them changing schools. I'd never expect a Wisconsin native attending the U of M to root for the Vikings or Twins. Then again, it upsets me when they cheer for the Badgers over the Gophers. I mean, c'mon you attend school here!!

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Vikings/Twins/Wolves/Wild: Born and raised in Minneapolis. My family was never big into sports, however, I just naturally gravitated to playing sports and following all of our pro sides.

Seattle Sounders FC: This one confuses some of my friends, but when Seattle got their expansion franchise in the late 00's, I was looking for an MLS team to root for and Seattle unveiled their shield/colors/kit and I fell in love. Blue and green are by far my two favorite colors, so this is a main reason for my fandom. I also follow Minnesota United FC (2nd tier team) closely and hope we can get an MLS team soon.

Liverpool FC: Like someone said above, whenever an American roots for an EPL team, there's always some odd story behind it. Here, I was trying to find a team to root for so I did some research. I decided on Liverpool for a few reasons but the main 3: 1) My good friend is a fan and her father is a born and bred Scouser, 2) I absolutely loved "You'll Never Walk Alone" when I first heard it, & 3) When I heard the tragic story of Hillsborough I couldn't help but understand the LFC supporter culture more and respect it immensely.

Carlton FC: (Aussie rules football). Decided on following this sport and team back when I was 13. I chose Carlton because they were unique in that they had a full logo on their jumper, looking almost like a hockey sweater. That was literally the only reasoning. However, I still follow them very closely and passionately despite the silly reasoning

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My favorite Teams are The Wild, Gophers, Vikings, Twins and Timberwolves (I mean I could care less about the T-wolves, but... I root for all these teams because I'm from Minnesota. I mean If I was born in Atlanta, I would root for the Falcons and the Braves, and the hawks. The thing that drives my the most nuts tho is people who have lame excuses for being a fan.

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I've been a Dolphins fan since the early 2000's. Before we moved to Maryland back in 1998, we use to live in South Florida. While I was too young to really follow any teams at the time, my parents would always get me some merchandise (shirts, blanket, etc.). The Dolphin is, and has always been my favorite animal as well so that helps. However, it wasn't until I was in high school where I actually started watching and paying attention to sports, so I guess that's technically when I started being a "true" fan. I've never seen them have success, but I still enjoy watching them.

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so I guess I'm a weird person then, you all like teams from your state/city. I have a rule that I can only like 1 team per state, so I like the Cowboys, Phillies, Sharks, Toronto FC, Lizards, Minnesota Wind Chill, and I'm still new at basketball so I don't have one yet

Reasons for those teams

Cowboys= my dad likes them and I grew up in between Philly and Pittsburgh so why not be different

Phillies = I got into baseball only 5 years ago, at that time the Phillies were good so I bandwagoned, they suck now but so what

Sharks = my brother and I always played an old 1998 hockey game and I always played as them because I like sharks

Toronto FC = Giovinco

Lizards = the name is just really cool

Minnesota Wind Chill = they have the best uniforms and logos

And if I had to choose NBA I would say OKC Thunder = Kevin Durant

Also funny fact, I've never seen a team I support win a championship (Phillies won in 2008, I started liking the, 2010) (Licards won last year, but I didn't get the channel)

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The closest team to me growing up was 2000 miles away, so I didn't have local teams to follow and chose a wide variety of them. But I've told the story of how I became a Giants, Chargers, Dolphins, and Huskies fan before. My favorite story is how my dad became a Steelers fan. His buddy in USMC boot camp in 1969 was from Pittsburgh and was always talking about how much he loved the Steelers and they were going to bust out and be great soon. Right after boot camp, my dad was sent to mechanic school in Memphis and his buddy went to Vietnam where he was killed on the first day. So my dad decided to honor him by rooting for the team he loved so much. Worked out well for him I guess...

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Pretty sure we've done this before.

You can take your wildest guesses on mine.

Local - Ducks, Angels, Lakers, LAFC

Went there - Arizona State, Long Beach State

Live here - United States national teams

Thought they were fake from Eurotrip, found out they were real - Manchester United (I'm also giving Tottenham Hotspur a test drive this season)

Scottish/Irish/Celtic ancestry - Celtic FC

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Buffalo insert sports team here: My home and my love.

Insert Toronto sports team not named the Blue Jays: Favourite Canadian city, and possibly the only city that could take me away from wanting to be in Buffalo. Also closest city to Buffalo with more major sports. Perpetually in second place in my heart, besides the raptors, argos and marlies.

Canadian national teams: see above

Pirates: Lived in pittsburgh a fair amount of my life, now here for grad school but the above preclude any allegiance

Orioles: I started following them at the beginning of last season as a preparation for my eventual move to the DMV because of teaching jobs. The Ravens also fall under the category. Also the reason that the blue jays are not a team I call myself a fan of, but for the sake of Canadian teams and a toronto sports team I still like and hope the best for.

Olympique de Marseille: My French language and cultural skills are very important to me, making Ligue 1 the most important foot league to me. At to the particulars, I forget why I support them because i picked them in 7th grade(so, 2005-2006), but have to this day.

French National teams: see above

RC toulon: closest team to Marseille.

DHL Stormers/WP rugby: i dont know this one, honestly. started playing rugby and liked the Springboks.

Springboks: Not sure on this one.

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Braves, Falcons, Hawks. I was born and raised in Georgia and when I moved to California after joining the military, my allegiance never changed. My only non-Georgia standout is Florida State. As a kid I thought it was awesome that they did the tomahawk chop just like my Braves. I actually lived closer to Tallahassee than Athens and Atlanta. So while all my friends were either Bulldog or Yellow Jacket fans, I was for the Seminoles.

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Canucks because I was born, raised, and still live in BC. Plus my dad is a Canucks fan.

Blue Jays because I started watching them when I was a young baseball fan and they were always on TV.

Seahawks because of geography and were on TV every week, and my dad is a fan.

Titans because the first football game I remember watching was Super Bowl XXXIV and really like Steve McNair after that point.

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I decided to become a Raiders fan as a joke but then it became real. help :(

Derek Carr is awesome and Amari Cooper might be really good. Plus the rest of the division is on the way down. Now is the time to jump on the Raiders.

I like Seattle teams because I live here, especially the Sounders. Rooting for the Seahawks has been fun for the last few years.

I like the Bills and Sabres because I'm from western New York. Ditto Syracuse athletics.

I like the NBA a whole lot, but I don't have a team. If I had to pick one it'd be the Lakers, but Jesus who does that? I've been all-in on the Spurs during the playoffs over the last few years.

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Chronological order... the genesis of my overall sporting interests kicked in around 1987 when I quickly began understanding different teams, sports, & leagues...

Maple Leafs - because my father & family watched them... I used to watch HNIC on a b&w rabbit eared tv in my bedroom because that was awesome. A Leafs Stanley Cup would nearly trump every championship combined of my other fav teams. Being a Leafs fan is life... sure any Jays run is sweet, yet it does not hold a candle to a deep Leafs playoff run no matter what. Like Brian Burke said dead panned to Bill Simmons- take franchises like the Red Sox, Notre Dame, Cowboys, & Lakers -combined- & they don't come close to offer what it is to be a Leafs fan, a Leafs supporter in Toronto, in Canada... not even close.

Blue Jays - because they were so accessible compared to the Leafs... daily games during summer holidays from school + cheaper tickets... + from the time I got on board in 1987, they'd been on a full upswing towards winning a WS or 2. 1987 is still one of their best teams ever imo 96 wins losing only because the Tigers were amazing.

Argonauts - because home team, & the 1987 Grey Cup even though they lost is still the greatest football game ever played imo.

Patriots - because the Bills were accessible via Toronto's American tv feed from Buffalo, yet they were annoying. I would see the Bills play at Foxborough & see a lot of (probably Maritimers) Canadian Patriots fans in the stands & I liked that... once Bill Parcells & Drew Bledsoe got on board, so too did I. Ty Law is my all time fav Patriot, the 'Bills game' (gifted calls on a final drive) is still my fav Patriots game. Having witnessed 7 Super Bowl trips makes no sense to me when other franchises barely go once every 20yrs.

Florida State football - I wanted to get into NCAAF & since I hated Notre Dame, Nebraska, Oklahoma, Texas, the Big10, Big12, & most every other stupid school that didn't have the balls to play a pro style offense let alone send yearly talent to the NFL, I quickly jumped on the FSU bandwagon. Annual Miami & Florida games are icing on the cake - football factory state of Florida, & FSU plays both every single season.

Raptors - because the NBA was interesting enough & it was fun to have a home team.

TFC - because while I thought MLS was bush league, I knew that TFC's mantra was to think bigger & bolder. Apparently so too did a lot of Torontonians because TFC leapt to model franchise status, wins & losses be damned.

I've been an England footy supporter only because Canada f'ing can't ever crack the damn 100 lately... which is beyond absurd, it's criminal.

I'm a mild Liverpool supporter in so much that I want to root for someone in the EPL & most other teams are pansies.

To your championship experience mention, I've witnessed as fan looks like 14 titles.

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From my mother's side of the family: Mets, Islanders & the fact that I will always have a soft spot for Army football

From my English father: Liverpool FC, as well as a general interest in rugby & the fact that Formula 1 is my favorite motorsport

From me: Carolina Panthers. I can barely remember it now, but apparently at the time of the '95 expansion 3-year old me decided it would be to support an NFL team from the very beginning, and even back then I preferred the Panthers look to that of the Jaguars.

The NBA I don't really give a crap about in general. There was a point about 10 years ago were I sort of got into the Timberwolves, because of a combination of Kevin Garnett and those unis with the tree-collars, but my heart was never really in it

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We've done these threads before but they're always interesting to read, at least to me.

Anaheim Ducks: I used to watch the old Disney cartoon. I must have been aware of the connection between the cartoon and the actual team, but my parents definitely were as there are a pictures of me when I was young wearing Mighty Ducks clothing and the old white alternate jersey.

I got the home and away Mighty Ducks jerseys (which I still have to this day) in what must have been the early 2000's. I remember making some sort of comment about how the jerseys I got didn't have the shoulder patches on them, so they must have been the older jerseys. I guess I was destined to end up on these boards from an early age.

Los Angeles Angels of Anaheim, California: Picked when I was younger because they are the local team to the Ducks.

New York Jets: I got a Jets shirt when I was younger during the late Testaverde - early Pennington era as a gift for some reason I don't remember and it just took off (pun intended) from there. My earliest NFL memory I can remember is the 2002 AFC Wild Card game when the Jets lost to the Raiders.

Calgary Stampeders: Local team

Calgary Hitmen: Local team

Orlando Magic: My NBA interest has come and gone throughout the years, usually with a different "favorite" team. It came back a couple years ago when my friend and his brother got into the NBA/Raptors and I kind of joined in, but never held firmly on to a team. After some relatively recent research (read: playing NBA 2K15 and the Backyard Basketball with Tim Duncan on the cover for PS2) I've picked the Magic, mostly because I like the colours, jerseys and the 2000's logo. Also because I find it kind of funny/aubsurd saying I'm a Magic fan because why would someone pick the Magic, especially someone who was born 4500 kms away.

UCLA Bruins: Because of the proximity to the Ducks and Angels.

As you can tell, local, schmocal for me and also that I must have been an impressionable kid.

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