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Your Favorite Teams?


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I see alot of people on here have various and seemingly unrelated teams in their sigs. So for those that have teams that don't necessarily go by geographical location, how did you choose?

My teams are pretty easy, although I don't have them anymore, I'm from NY so I'm a NY fan and now I live in Tampa so I root for the Tampa teams with the exception of the Devil Rays.

How about everyone else?

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SEE BELOW. Why? Geography and college attendance.

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Born and raised near Toronto, so I'm a Leafs and Blue Jays fan. Now living in Ann Arbor, MI, didn't really start liking basketball much til I lived here so I'm mostly a Pistons fan. Living in Ann Arbor it's hard not to get excited about Wolverines football! Saginaw Spirit/London Knights are my OHL teams, and Saginaw Valley State in my alma matter! So there you have it!

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I really only have three favorite teams: The Cincinnati Bengals, the Indiana Hoosiers and the distant third being the Notre Dame Fighting Irish.

I became a fan of the Bengals as the combined result of timing and geography. I was born in 1981, right before the Colts moved to Indianapolis. Erego, all the sports-themed clothes my mother bought when she was pregnant with me were bought with the closest teams on them at that time, which were the Hoosiers, Cubs, Blackhawks, Pacers and Bengals. There were also a few Notre Dame articles in there as well, but my dad just made her buy those because of our Irish heritage, more than anything.

I remember watching football on TV with my dad and uncles, and thinking that the Bengals' tiger-striped helmets were the coolest things I'd ever seen. Well, it just so happened that my dad's girlfriend(who happened to work at a hat factory down the street from my mother's house) heard me go on and on about the 'Tiger Helmets'. A few weeks later, on her way home from work, she stopped by my mother's house to give me a brand-spanking-new Bengals hat. It was(and still is) the coolest hat I'd ever seen in my life.

The entire hat was that foamy material that a lot of trucker hats' front panels are made of, and it was a baseball-cap style replica of the Bengals' striped helmets, complete with a nose bumper that said 'BENGALS'. I've been hooked ever since.

The Hoosiers really don't need an expanation. Everyone born and bred in Indiana likes the Hoosiers (Purdue and Notre Dame alumni and their children notwithstanding).

I like the Irish...well, because I'm Irish. The fact that Notre Dame's in Indiana doesn't hurt, either.

Sigs are for sissies.

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I'm from Southwestern Ohio, but I could never stand the Bengals. I was a casual Bears fan (my dad's from there), but the Dave Wannstedt era made me give up in disgust.

Shortly after, I moved to Boston and assimilated pretty much everything about the area, including a love of the Pete Carroll-led Patriots. I never could have guessed they'd quickly go on to become the most successful and widely-hated NFL team of the 21st century :D

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I'm from San Diego, grew up in Chula Vista.

since the mid-80s:

MLB - San Diego Padres

NFL - Tampa Bay Buccaneers (though I find myself getting more emotional this year for the Chargers than the Bucs)

MISL - San Diego Sockers (the original NASL/MISL version and not the crap team that existed before the last fold)

IHL/WCHL/ECHL - San Diego Gulls (couldn't convince myself to follow them to Long Beach, so I loved the WCHL/ECHL reincarnation too)

MLS - Los Angeles Galaxy

English Football - Norwich City FC

Grew up a Sacramento Kings fan but dropped them a few years ago. I've been following the Celtics and liked them since I was a kid but now that they're having a great year I'm hesitant to call them a favorite. Especially since I have never been much of a basketball fan.

Love watching Hockey live and my wife is a casual Flames fan but there really isn't any team that's found a place in my heart yet. I like Calgary, Vancouver, Toronto and Ottawa but I don't yet live and die for any of them yet. I do know I can't stand Detroit, Montreal, Edmonton, either New York team or either SoCal team so I'm off to an interesting start.

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Born in Buffalo so that explains the Sabres, Bills, UB, and Syracuse

My dad grew up a Oriole fan because of Brooks Robinson, he passed that fanhood to me when I was born.

I'm going to SUNY Cortland (D-III) in the fall so i'll obviously follow D-3 sports more throughly, with the Red Dragons as my team. I also will continue to root for SU and UB because of their D-I status.

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Edmonton Oilers... raised here, inherited from my father.

Oakland Athletics... the first time I played on a competitive baseball team around 9, we were the A's so I started to follow the MLB team, and they stuck with me. Also at the time, their AAA team was located here.

Edmonton Eskimos... raised here, inherited, but I don't live or die with them.

Cleveland Browns... as someone without a home team but who often watched the NFL anyways and had a handful of teams I rooted for, I finally decided to play elimination and choose one.

If I have to pick an NBA team, the Raptors, but I don't really care beyond turning on Sportscentre and saying "oh good, the Raptors won"

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Washington Capitals= Local hockey team plus I thought Dale Hunter & Peter Bondra were awesome

Detroit Red Wings= I dunno, just like them for some reason

Baltimore Ravens= Never really cared for the Redskins, plus my dad was a huge Colts fan back when they were in Baltimore, so I figured, continue tradition, hate the Colts, love the Ravens

Atlanta Braves=was & still am a fan of the Bravos, family grew up on this team

Baltimore Orioles= Three words, Cal Ripken Jr. well, & also closest AL team

Washington Nationals= Always thought of as the underdog, like these guys in the NL, next to Atlanta as my faves & of course, closer team


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Montreal Canadiens - Born in Montreal, entire family supports them

Toronto Blue Jays - Only baseball team in Canada, I live in Toronto now so that doesn't hurt (I liked the Expos too, when they were around)

Toronto Raptors - Toronto's team, I went to their first regular season game at the SkyDome against the New Jersey Nets, I remember sitting in the 500 level for that one

Toronto Argonauts - Have met a couple of players over the years through Rep football, also one of the two local teams

My true passion is Toronto FC - Season ticket holder since day 1, only missed one home game last season, made up for it by going to two road games. I supported The Lynx in USL-1 before MLS came to town. It's fun supporting the local team. I can't see why anyone would prefer watching soccer on tv from Europe instead of local live action.

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Atlanta Falcons
The positive experience was the 1998 "Dirty Bird" year. That was the year that pretty much made me a bonafide Falcons fan (I was rooting for the Cowboys like the rest of my close & extended family back then because I was little and everybody else cheered for them...so why not?). 9 is obvious since I moved here a few years ago, and now I live within comfortable walking distance of the Georgia Dome, and 10 because this team is consistently in a state of suck. tongue.gif

Atlanta Braves
This is probably the team that I've been a fan of the longest. I used to watch Braves games on TBS with my grandaddy since I was 3 (and he died when I was 10.), so I learned to love the team at an early age, I happened to be around when they were winning division titles like it was going out of style, and I've been with them since.

Atlanta Hawks
Been a fan of Dominique Wilkins since I was little, but I didn't really become a full fan until my mom (yes, my mom.) got season tickets back when they won only 13 games, and so she dragged me to every home game and was loud as hell in the house for every road game on TV. So yeah, I became a fan by absorption. Because she was a STH, she always took advantage of the behind-the-scenes access that came with that, so I met a lot of the players as a result. They're all pretty cool people, so that's another reason I pull for the Hawks. Like the Falcons, I could walk to Philips Arena in about 10 minutes. Like their neighbors across the street, the Hawks have been in a constant state of suck since the turn of the millennium, and I actually watched most of their 13-win season a couple of years back...so I guess that has to make me a masochist. tongue.gif

Atlanta Thrashers
Kovalchuk is great. I live around the vicinity of Philips, and I root for them just because they're the home team, and I'm a n00b to hockey so it wouldn't make much sense for me to learn the game while cheering for a team across the country. lol.

Mississippi State Bulldogs
I basically grew up from age 2-10 half-an-hour away from Mississippi State. And hell, even if I didn't like MSU, I'd still hate Ole Miss because Confederate Flags and black people just don't mesh. lol.

Netherlands (FIFA)
I like the colors tongue.gif, but I became a fan after watching their entire 1998 World Cup run, and doing some research of their "Total Football" strategy back in the 70s. That, and back then they just looked like a bunch of hippies, which was cool to me.



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Mets-I liked Rusty Staub when I was a little kid, when I started to get old enough to really follow baseball the Mets suddenly got real good (1984/85) so I became a Mets fan.

Dolphins-One again I was tiny when I started rooting for the Dolphins, I liked Flipper repeats I guess and I liked the Dolphin logo, then they beat the Jets with AJ Duhe, and went to the Super Bowl. A year later they drafted Dan Marino and I became a huge fan of the Italian Superstar QB, with the Italian Coach, so I stayed a Dolphin fan, instead of drifting to another local team I stayed with them.

Devils-I was a Ranger fan embarrassed to say it now, but its true. Got sick of how the Rangers did business ie signing Eric Lindros who I despise and then I reassessed and I thought we got a great classy franchise here in NJ that does everything right? Why am I a Ranger fan? So I made the switch have not looked, back and proudly join in Rangers Sucks chants.

Nets- Well basketball I've been a vagabond, started as a Celtic fan during the Larry Bird days, but my favorite player was Danny Ainge, when Bird retired and Ainge went to the Suns I became a Suns fan, when Ainge retired I decided to root for the local team, but I never really liked the Knicks, so wallah I chose the Nets.



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i'm not all that big on pro sports mainly because louisville isn't a big pro-sports town. we are a huge college sports town. indiana, kentucky and louisville get equal top coverage here with some for western kentucky, eastern kentucky, murray state and morhead state. we like the college game.

i'm a big uofl cardinals fan. screw uk. i cheer for anything that is uofl in competition including chess, and i don't understand the game. i personally can't stand football (both versions), but i can cheer on the football teams.

never been to an mlb game before and never been to an nhl game before but those are my favorite sports:

chicago cubs- mainly due to equal parts of hating the reds and hating the st. louis cardinals, even though they had their aaa affiliate here for years. having the games on when i came home from school on wgn didn't hurt any.

colorado avalanche- why? claude lemieux. chris draper. nuff said.

if pressed i would say i'm a bulls fan, but i don't like the way the nba has gone over the last 10 years so i stopped watching.

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Columbus Blue Jackets: I was 13 during their first season, I even went to the first 5 home games they ever had. Now I work at the arena. It's getting a little frustrating but I know their due for a change soon so I'm sticking with them for now.

Cincinnati Bengals: From age 0 to age 4 my father was employed by the Bengals radio network so I became involved with them pretty early on.

Cincinnati Reds: My most beloved team. I think baseball is the easiest sport to explain to a toddler because I can remember distincly cheering for the reds as a 2 and 3 year old.


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