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EA Sports announces 10 finalists for the Madden Cover


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My vote is for Troy Palamalu. I don't think AD will be on the cover because they had an NFC North offensive player on it last year. They usually switch it up. I don't believe there has been a defenseman since 2005 in Ray Lewis, so it's gonna be Palamalu. Plus, if Peterson were on the cover, he would pull a groin the first week of the season.

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Matt Cassel had a good year but seriously...he should not be on the list but by all means he can get hurt for all I care.

I say AP (Purple Jesus) since he'll probably get injured anyway due to over usage.

After that I'd say Big Ben or Troy for obvious reasons.

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Top 5 in My mind great list compiled by EA Sports.

1. Larry Fitzgerald will become the second player to grace the cover of an NCAA Game and a Madden game joining Shaun Alexander.

2. Ben Roethlisberger

3. Adrian Peterson

4. Peyton Manning

5. Troy Polamalu

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