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Which Teams' Caps Are Worn The Most Where You're From?


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Hey guys!

I've been on hiatus for a while, just getting my college situation figured out. It's good to be back! Anyways, I wanted to post this to see what came up from everyone. I'm a Utahn, born and raised, and now currently attend Utah State University. I've paid more attention to caps worn on campus now, especially since there was a rule at my high school stating we weren't allowed to wear caps (which was very unpopular). I've been shocked to see which teams are worn the most up here at USU (and frankly everywhere i've been around the state). Now of course there's a large abundance of the locals, like the Jazz and Bees, and the occasional Rockies and Diamondbacks (depending on which area of the state you're from). But, i've also seen a large number of Blue Jays hats across the state. Yes, BLUE JAYS. It's baffling to me, since of course Toronto is clear across the continent and unless there's a large amount of Canadians attending USU as well as living all across the state, I can't put my finger on a reason why the Blue Jays are represented so much here. I see both the current Black hats (the "J" and the "T"), as well as the Inagural cap. Aside from the Blue Jays, there are many Angels caps here, but I think that is because two of our minor league teams (Salt Lake and Orem) are Angels affiliates and most people here, in effect, are Angels fans.

I wanted to hear from everyone else to see which teams' caps you see the most in your area, and why you think that is. Is it just because it's a nice cap? Are those people fans? Stuff like that.

Hopefully this will provide some interesting discussion. Can't wait to see what you guys have to say!


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I live about and hour and a half from Chicago, I see tons of Cubs and Sox of course. Some Bears caps once and a while, but they haven't been doing too great so I guess that's the reason. Lotta Packers and Colts gear being sported where I live as well. But the abundance of Illini gear is incredible, lots of tees and hoodies.

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In Orange County, these are the Top 5:






I would say out of the 3,000,000 people that live in OC, 1.5 million are Angels fans, 750,000 are Dodgers fans, 500,000 are Red Sox bandwagoners, 250,000 are Yankees "fans" and the rest wear Pirates hats because black matches everything, and they do it for fashion purposes.

This is my hat collection.


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In Milwaukee...

1.Brewers BiG

2. Cubs/Brewers curled-M

3. (everyone else)

Surprisingly, Packers and Badgers hats aren't nearly as popular as one might expect. You see them repped on other types of gear often enough (usually hoodies an t-shirts), but if that same person is wearing a hat, it's usually one of those listed above. Even UwM and Marquette hats are usually only worn by the jocks at those schools.

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Back in Orange County, you see people sporting Angels/Dodgers and some Red Sox and Yankee caps as actual fans. As well as Laker hats, because New Era is starting to really get into that.

Then there are a ton of people that wear the hats for fashion and in varying colors - Reds, Royals, Rockies, Yankees, Red Sox, Blue Jays, A's, Rays.

Here at Arizona State, it's a larger mix of Yankees, Red Sox, Cubs, Angels, Dodgers, Reds, Rockies, Diamondbacks, and ASU hats.



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Down here in Southern MD, Red Sox, Orioles, Yankees, Redskins, Cowboys, Ravens, Nationals, Blue Crabs are sneaking up on the Nats.

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Hometown of Waterford, WI (near Milwaukee): Easily the Brewers ball in glove

College (Winona State University, Winona, MN): Mostly Twins, but a good amount of ball in glove


Thanks Dolphins91 for the jersey avatars.

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Mainly just Canucks hats here in Vancouver.

Don't get out much, huh?

You're forgetting that for all intents and purposes, it's a four-way tie between the Yankees, Red Sox, Mariners and Dodgers.

Welcome to DrunjFlix

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Out here in Eugene, Oregon it's almost always one of these:


or since Corvallis, Oregon is only 45 minutes away:



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