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Your "Second Team"


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This is something that has crossed my mind every now and again, but seeing someone mention that they had adopted the Texans as their "Second Team" in the NFL thread reminded me of it. Do you all have an adopted "second team" in any/all of the major sports? Does it change regularly or are you loyal to them? Is it in the same conference as your favorite team? I imagine that there are a variety of choices; some loyal and some casually rooting for a number of secondary teams in a given league. I'm interested in finding out, though. Here are mine, with a little about why I like them.


Favorite: Red Sox

Second Team: Braves

I don't have a strong loyalty to the Braves as a second team; in fact I casually support a number of NL teams such as the Cubs, Padres, and Giants, and even the M's and Royals in the AL. But I have always felt like I identified with the Braves -- they are a pretty prominent team with a large fanbase and payroll, though not as high as the Sox, and always seem to do pretty well. Plus, they used to be the Boston Braves. Again, I am not a huge fan, but I have never felt any dislike for the Braves.


Favorite: Patriots

Second Team: Packers

Yeah, yeah, the Redskins used to play in Boston, but that doesn't matter too much to me as recently, I have found myself very attracted to the Packers and steadfastly supporting them in the NFC. It is an extremely likable team with a few old BC players whom I love, and I admire the passion of the fans. To a lesser extent, I like the 49ers and Jaguars, but I really find myself supporting the Packers a great deal now.


Favorite: Celtics

Second Team: Rockets/Clippers

Here, I don't really have an allegiance with another team besides the Celtics. However, I like the Rockets because I really like Darryl Morey the GM and I find them really easy to root for with Shane Battier etc., so I generally root for them in the playoffs. The Clippers are just a sad franchise and you have to root for them to put together a strong team and become relevant again in LA and the NBA in general.


Favorite: Bruins

Second Team: None

I really am not at the level of NHL knowledge and dedication to take a big liking to another team. I follow the B's extremely closely now, but I really don't identify with any other team.


Favorite: Boston College

Second Team: Northwestern

This one I am pretty liberal with. Since there are so many divisions and conferences that rarely rival each other, I generally end up rooting for most of the local teams (UMass, Northeastern, BU, URI, UNH, Harvard, etc.) -- except for UConn, Holy Cross, and Providence, and in hockey I hate all the other teams since most hockey schools are rivals or often play each other in the tournament. However, I really like Northwestern in general for some curious reason and particularly because they are similar to BC in that they are a relatively small private school in a bigtime conference with lots of huge public schools full of tradition and more prominence. Also, Northwestern is the only BCS conference school that has never made the Big Dance.

So those are mine -- what are yours? I think primary rooting interests are often determined at a very early age so it can be interesting to see if people have secondary teams that they may have "adopted" at a later age, and why they chose them. Fire away.

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MLB Favorite: Minnesota Twins

2nd: Toronto Blue Jays

NFL Favorite: Green Bay Packers

2nd: Cincinnati Bengals

NHL Favorite: Calgary Flames

2nd: No Second Favorite

NCAA Favorite: Alabama & Missouri

2nd Favorite: Pretty much every underdog

CFL Favorite: Winnipeg Blue Bombers

2nd Favorite: No Second Favorite




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I spent alot of time in Colorado, and married a Colorado woman, so my 2nd favorite teams are gonna lean there for the most part:


Favorite: Capitals

2nd favorite: Avalanche, yeah, I cant escape this one. They're an easy team to like especially now that they've gotten young and have a bunch of exciting players like Stastny and Duchene and Craig Anderson.


Favorite: Nationals

2nd favorite: Rockies, couldnt escape this one either.


Favorite: Redskins

2nd favorite: Saints. I think everyone rooted for them coming out of Katrina, not to mention I love Drew Brees as a QB, I knew the Chargers were gonna regret letting him go and Im glad he landed on his feet and better than ever in New Orleans.

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I have joke 2nd favorite teams like the Bengals (because of OchoCinco & now T.O.), T-Wolves (If that team manages to succeed with KAAAHHHHNNNNNN as GM, they may become equal favorites with the Hawks), S.F. Giants (strictly because of their visual identity) & the Sharks (Being a Thrashers fan, you need someone to pull for come Cup season).

However, one team that I legitimately follow & I actually acknowledge as my 2nd favorite team is the Miami Hurricanes football team. Why? 1) The U. That was one of the first logos that I fell in love with in sports, mainly because I remember thinking as a kid "Wow, of all the universities in the WHOLE WIDE WORLD, this is the only one that has just a U. This must be a pretty big school." & 2) The history of the team in the 80s, early 90s, & early 00s. Not only that they won, but how they won and how they went about their business back then. They were just so damn cool. Never been happier to see a team not named Mississippi State win (when they won the title in '01 after basically rolling over everydamnbody) & never been sadder to see a team not named Mississippi State lose (THAT WAS NOT PASS INTERFERENCE :P). So yeah, if there's one college football team that I will stay loyal to besides the Dawgs, it's The U.



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This is a pretty good idea for a thread.


Favorite: Atlanta Braves

Second: Colorado Rockies- I went to the NLCS in 2007 with my brother when he lived in Colorado. This was the first time I had been to Denver. The stadium was great. The atmosphere was great. I loved talking and interacting with the fans. I never had an experience like that outside of Turner Field. Plus you gotta admire how these guys just never seem to be out of it.


Favorite: Atlanta Falcons

Second: Indianapolis Colts- I am a huge fan of Peyton Manning. The guy is the best in the game and he is a joy to watch. I don't really care too much for any of the other NFL teams.


Favorite: Atlanta Hawks

Second: Chicago Bulls- When the Hawks were no good, this was the team I enjoyed watching. I really can't imagine anyone that didn't enjoy watching the Bulls in the 90's.


Favorite: Florida State

Second: Georgia- I get a lot of heat back home for being a fan of Florida State. But my friends and family take comfort in the fact that at least I'm not a Gator fan. I'm not so much a fan of UGA. But I like to see them do well.

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Favourite: Toronto Blue Jays

The hometown team, been following them ever since I knew what baseball was.

Second Team: Atlanta Braves

There was a long stretch where there were 5x as many Braves games on TV as there were Jays games. Why? Be damned if I know, but Ted Turner deserves credit for showing off his team, unlike Rogers, who pushes the Jays to a subscription TV channel that nobody has.


Favourite: Cincinnati Bengals

I don't follow NFL that closely, but I like the Bengals. One of those random occurrences.

Second Team: San Diego Chargers or Philadelphia Eagles. No particular reason.


Favourite: Hamilton Tiger-Cats

Local team, cool logos, lots of history.

Second team: Saskatchewan Roughriders

Everyone likes the Riders; I'm hardly alone here.


Favourite: Los Angeles Clippers

I've liked them ever since the Corey Maggette days. One day, they'll be good, and I'll be able to call everyone bandwagoners! :P

Second Team: Toronto Raptors

The closest thing to a hometown team. I can catch a lot of their games on TV, so it's kind of a gimme. If they suddenly stopped broadcasting games, I probably wouldn't care.


Favourite: Ottawa Senators

When I was a little kid, I liked the Leafs because my brother told me to. Once they traded away all the guys I liked, though, I started liking the Senators, who got one of my favourite players (Damian Rhodes).

Second Team: I hate every other team, just some more than others.


Favourite: Texas

Started because of King of the Hill, but I also liked their logo and colour when I was younger. Still my favourite colour, though I admit I don't watch much NCAA basketball or football.

Second Team: None, I don't follow closely enough to care.


Favourite: McMaster Marauders

Good academic school with a good athletics program and cool colours. Also, my mother's from Hamilton and I've always liked stuff from that city because of it.

Second Team: Brock Badgers. The 'home' team. They're not that great, and don't even have a football program, but hey, local's local.

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I'm a Browns fan at heart; I really don't consistently root for any other team...



2nd-Right now I'll go with the Bucks

I really like Brandon Jennings and his exciting style of play. I've always been a Michael Redd fan, hopefully he can stay healthy. But most of all I really like what the Bucks did over the offseason. The addition of Maggette, CDR, and Gooden are all very solid additions, and the resigning of Salmons was key.




I really haven't sat down and watched any baseball this year. Indians suck, and I never find myself wanting to watch anyone else... I do like to see very young teams succeed though, the Marlins for example.


Favorite-Ohio State

2nd-Bowling Green State

Well, it was hard to not put BG first; I mean I attend the school. But I've been an OSU fan since birth, and that'll never change.



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NHL Favorite - Anaheim Ducks through and through and above all else.

2nd Favorite - Phoenix Coyotes/Montreal Canadiens/Philadelphia Flyers/Chicago Blackhawks/Florida Panthers - (I love hockey, therefore I have a lot more secondary teams than normal)I love the Coyotes because I loved the Jets as a kid, I loved their first uniforms in Phoenix, and I love Ilya Bryzgalov - I love the Canadiens/Blackhawks jerseys. That is the only reason - I like the Flyers jerseys, Pronger, and the whole history and attitude of the Flyers - I just feel bad for the Panthers. And a team that I kinda just saw as a grew up in the 90s and for whatever reason liked.

MLB Favorite - LA Angels of Anaheim

2nd Favorite - San Diego Padres/Colorado Rockies - Padres are easily my second favorite MLB team. I hate the Dodgers, so I couldn't go up the freeway for my NL team. It's easy to root for the Pads because they are close and in the other league. I enjoy going to Petco for games - I just like the Rockies style and if they could embrace the purple, I'd love the unis.

NFL Favorite - Indianapolis Colts

2nd Favorite - San Diego Chargers/Arizona Cardinals - I went to Charger games growing up in the Doug Flutie era. I just could never grow a big enough attachment to them. I'll root for them when they aren't playing the Colts, just because they are the closest team. And I love the powder blues. - My grandpa decided to get season tickets to the Cardinals when they opened their new stadium, and slowly I've grown attached to the Cards.

NBA Favorite - Los Angeles Lakers

2nd Favorite - Oklahoma City Thunder/Milwaukee Bucks - I love Kevin Durant. Plain and simple - Bucks just because. People always forget about the Bucks. So like the Panthers, I just feel bad and think they need my support :P

NCAA Favorite - Arizona State Sun Devils

2nd Favorite - USC Trojans/Texas A&M Aggies/Notre Dame - USC was my dream school growing up. I always rooted for the Trojans. It was where I wanted to be. But I fell short on the qualifications, and even though I'm now at a Pac-10 school, I'll always have a place in my heart for USC - My mom went to A&M and so I grew up with that when she was going to school. I went back to College Station my fair share of times and I love the place and I love Kyle Field - I grew up in a Irish Roman Catholic family. I had to like Notre Dame :lol: so I root for them when it's not the USC game.



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My fandom is all over the place...kinda funny, really.

Far as the NFL...everyone knows my "A" team (hint: look at my screen name). My "B" team was the Jacksonville Jaguars. Been a fan since they got into the league (it's a Florida thing)...but see, that change in uniforms kinda detached me from them, or at the very least made it easier to "de-fan" them. (It started with the Jags' GM and head coach running their traps way too much.)

I'm not a big follower of the NBA, but unbeknownst to many, I've followed the Milwaukee Bucks for a long time, chiefly because Ray Allen has long been my favorite player in the league. It also had a little to do with Glenn Robinson (I'll get back to that in a bit). Can't really say I have a team "B" in the NBA.

I really don't have a favorite MLB team, but I got smacked upside the head with Braves coverage growing up in the Panhandle. Yet, somehow, I ended up finding out, even before I moved to Pittsburgh, I was and still am a Pirates fan. It's chiefly due to their colors and uniforms, which is how I became a fan in the first place. Bearing that in mind, the odd thing is my "team 'B'" ended up being so also because of their uniforms. What's that team, you may ask? The New York Mets...black and all.

In the collegiate world, I'm a Seminole, through and through. But, I have also been a closet fan of one particular Big 10 program for a very long time. A/ I love their nickname, and B/ some of my favorite players have come outta there, among them being the aforementioned Big Dog, as well as Mike Alstott and Drew Brees. Yep...the Boilermakers of Purdue is Buc's collegiate team "B".

*Disclaimer: I am not an authoritative expert on stuff...I just do a lot of reading and research and keep in close connect with a bunch of people who are authoritative experts on stuff. 😁

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Favorite: Penguins

Second: Chicago Blackhawks

Their youth, speed, and skill reminded me of the penguins. Especially considering how they recently used those things to suddenly climb out of the cellar into a championship-calibre team. Plus, I love their jerseys. Patrick Kane is my favorite player next to a certain few penguins, and in what was an awesome game between them and the penguins two years ago (the one where Toews got his first hat trick), I was hooked. They are the only team other than the penguins I would want to see winning the cup (provided they don't defeat the penguins in the process, even then, losing to them wouldn't be as bad as other teams).


Favorite: Steelers

Second: Saints

This past NFL season, I came to really like them. I rooted for them in the last super bowl, which I cared about even more than XLIII. Drew Brees is the man.

And that's about it. In every other sport my favorite is my favorite, and there are no seconds. I'm pretty neutral as far as MLB and MLS, prefer the Celtics and Lakers in NBA (crazy right?) but really don't care, and as a lifelong fan and future student I can root for Pitt and only Pitt.


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NHL Favorite: New York Islanders

2nd Favorite: Buffalo Sabres. I've always had a thing for the Sabres after watching them in the 90s with Hasek in net and how entertaining Rob Ray and Brad May were. I've also hopped on the Blackhawks bandwagon for the playoffs

MLB Favorite: New York Mets

2nd Favorite: Boston Red Sox. Goes back to when I lived in New Hampshire and was a Sox fan. I think my hate for the Yankees kinda allowed this to stick unlike my affiliations with the Pats and Celtics and to an extent the Bruins back when I was 6 or 7 (whoops I guess? I also hate the Pats a ton now so go figure). I was in hell for last year's World Series, but I would've been in heaven in '86

NFL Favorite: New York Jets

2nd Favorite: New York Giants. They only play each other once every 4 years, and the "rivalry" they have is mostly the fans trash talking and not realizing they're playing a preseason game. This goes kinda 65-35 Jets in terms of favoritism

NCAA Favorite: Syracuse

2nd Favorites: Cornell because we have no men's hockey team at SU. Also a bunch of schools that my friends play for, primarily Princeton when it comes to D-1 with quite a handful for D-2 and 3 (Cortland's kinda got the D-3 thing locked up though) schools. Also Notre Dame football has some sentimental value with me because my grandma is a huge fan of them


Twitter: @RyanMcD29

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MLB: Tampa Bay (Devil) Rays

2nd: Arizona Diamondbacks - our 1998 expansion cousins. I especially loved the Luis Gonzalez game-winning bloop single in the World Series, that was right up there with Joe Carter's walk-off, and the gross Yankees lost too.

NFL: San Diego Chargers

2nd: St. Louis Rams - it's all about Kurt Warner (one of my favorite non-Chargers in NFL history) and the Greatest Show on Turf. 'Nuff said.

NBA: Los Angeles Clippers

2nd: Indiana Pacers - Reggie Miller was always one of my favorite players back in the day. I always thought it was hilarious how John Starks would get pissed at him and start throwing fits and getting ejected.

NCAA: Boise State Broncos

2nd: Florida Gators - I'm a sucker for a trash-talking coach, and Steve Spurrier definitely fit the bill. My favorite line of his was, when talking about Peyton Manning, "I know why Peyton came back for his senior year: he wanted to be a three-time Citrus Bowl MVP!" (Bill Parcells was always a favorite of mine too, for the record.)

It's pretty sad that all my second teams have won at least one championship but my first teams haven't won any titles in recent memory, if at all! :wacko:


POTD: 2/4/12 3/4/12

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MLB Favorite: Red Sox

2nd Favorite: Mariners/Royals

It used to just be the M's, but my girlfriend got me into following the Royals more.

NFL Favorite: Patriots

2nd Favorite: Seahawks

NHL Favorite: Bruins

2nd Favorite: Maple Leafs

In the end, I just have a soft spot for the Leafs.

NBA Favorite: Celtics

2nd Favorite: Bulls

I used to like the Sonics, but when they moved I began to despise the franchise. I went back to rooting for my childhood favorite, Da Bulls. (MJ will do that to a 90's kid)

MLS Favorite: Revolution

2nd Favorite: Sounders FC

What can I say? I like Seattle.

NCAA Favorite: Providence College

2nd Favorite: Boston College

Hey, PC doesn't have football.

I actually became obsessed with Seattle when I planned to go to college in Redmond in the 7th grade. I started following all the teams out there and eventually began to call them my "backups".


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I really only follow the NFL & NCAA, so...

Favorite - Guess (Saints for any slow members we may have)

2nd - Whoever's playing the Falcons. :D

Actually it's the Steelers (who coincidentally also fit the above in Week 1). I like their ownership, I liked Cowher and I like Tomlin and the style of football they play.

NCAA - Oklahoma (wife's a grad so I'm a Sooner-in-law)

2nd - None

One question I'd like to add...I have no Steelers gear, does anybody else actually wear gear for any of their 2nd teams?


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Keep in mind I'm not the biggest sports fan, though I'm a baseball season ticket holder and work as an usher at NFL games. I root for the local teams, mostly because there's just more fun stuff happening when they win. Anyway, every year a friend and I would pick a "second" team to root for. It usually had to do with their uniforms, or something else about them. One year it was the Chiefs because of Dick Vermiel, one year it was the Browns because we both liked their unis (the orange pants year).

This year, it's certainly the Jets, because I love Buddy Ryan, so by default, I have to root for his offspring. In baseball, it was the Giants, but then they had to ruin it by getting Pat Burrell and competing with the Phillies for the wild card. That's what I get for picking an intra-conference rival as a second.

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Favorite: San Diego Chargers

Second Team: Chicago Bears


Favorite: Chicago Bulls

Second Team: Atlanta Hawks


Favorite: Chicago Cubs

Second Team: Minnesota Twins


Favorite: Seattle Sounders

Second Team: Chicago Fire


Favorite: Chicago Blackhawks

Second Team: Nashville Predators


Favorite: Cal Golden Bears

Second Team: Northwestern

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One question I'd like to add...I have no Steelers gear, does anybody else actually wear gear for any of their 2nd teams?

I have a SF Giants 59/50 fitted cap, though that's more for style than anything.



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I live in Cincinnati so it should be no shock as to who my favorites are.

MLB Favorite: Cincinnati Reds

second favorite: Minnesota Twins

NFL Favorite: Cincinnati Bengals

second favorite: Arizona Cardinals

NBA Favorite: Cleveland Cavaliers

second favorite: Toronto Raptors

NHL Favorite: Columbus Blue Jackets

second favorite: Anaheim Ducks

MLS Favorite: Columbus Crew

second favorite: Seattle Sounders

NCAA Favorite: Cincinnati Bearcats

second favorite: Ohio State Buckeyes

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Favorite Team: Chicago Bulls

Second Teams Utath Jazz, Atlanta Hawks.

I always felt bad for the Jazz, they deserved at least one title. And plus I love me some Deron WIlliams. The Hawks, well, I just like them.

And yes, I have a pair of Jazz shorts


---Owner of the NHA's Philadelphia Quakers, the UBA's Chicago Skyliners, and the CFA's Portland Beavers (2010 CFA2 Champions)---

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MLB Favorite: Chicago Cubs

Second Favorite: Florida Marlins; I've been a Cubs fan all of my life, it runs all through my mother's side of the family. I root for the Marlins once and a while, huge fan of Hanley Ramirez, but Starlin Castro is a gift to watch, too.

NFL Favorite: Carolina Panthers

Second Favorite: Chicago Bears, Arizona Cardinals, Jacksonville Jaguars; I was born in Jacksonville, NC. I remember a little about the place, I remember having a farm and always visiting the beach, would love to go back someday. I've always favored Carolina teams, I like the Bears because of the state I live in. My dad is a huge Bears fan, as well as an Arizona Cardinal fan. My uncle is the recievers coach for the Jacksonville Jaguars, so I get to go to local games often.

NBA Favorite: Chicago Bulls

Second Favorite: Charlotte Bobcats; Not a huge basketball fan here, but I grew up watching the Bulls with my dad in the middle 90's when I was just a toddler. I have a little thing for the Bobcats as well.

NCAA Favorite: UNC

Second Favorite: Illinois; Big UNC fan here, love the intensity of the basketball season. Not much going on for football on either team, though.

Nice idea for a thread by the way.

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