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Sugar Land Skeeters

Ez Street

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There's a name for the new Texas-based independent Atlantic League team: the Sugar Land Skeeters, who will begin play at a new $30-million ballpark in the Houston suburb beginning in the 2012 season.

?I think the entry forms said it best. It just sounds like a fun minor league baseball name for this region,? said Matt O?Brien, president of the Sugar Land Skeeters. ?With each day moving forward our Sugar Land Skeeter brand will become synonymous with professional baseball and affordable family fun.?

The new identity honors the community's rich sugar heritage. A fun, determined Skeeter lancing a baseball is the centerpiece of the identity, which includes Texas and sugar cane imagery. Fans will also enjoy an "SL" cap logo and the team's official "Skeeters" lettering, both made of sugar cane. The team's sleeve emblem showcases the Skeeter flying over the state of Texas marking Fort Bend County with its proboscis. The work is by Plan B. Branding.

Rawhide Yellow, Imperial Blue, Refinery Red and Nighttime Black make up the club's new official colors. The Skeeters are the only professional sports team to have these team colors. The team will unveil their new uniforms for the 2012 season at a later date.

The new ballpark will be built by the city with a $30 million budget (funded by economic-development funds; no general tax revenues will be used to fund the facility) and operated by Opening Day Partners, the same group that already owns and operates several other Atlantic League franchises (Lancaster Barnstormers, York Revolution, Southern Maryland Blue Crabs). The Skeeters will be part of an Atlantic League expansion to Texas.

I might have to tweak this logo into saying Streeters...........LOL.

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Damn all that...what are the Utah Grizzlies, Idaho Steelheads, Las Vegas Wranglers, Stockton Thunder, Victoria Salmon Kings, Bakersfield Condors and Alaska Aces doing in the EAST COAST Hockey League??


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Another win by Plan B, in my opinion. The colors are fantastic, and the alt logo with the Texas outline (and the nose pointing to the location of Sugar Land) may jump up on my list of favorite current logos. I know some people think that Plan B hasn't had as good of a season as usual (lots of people didn't like the Omaha identity), but in my mind this is just more of the same fantastic work by them.

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Looks like they are using Imperial Sugar's colors.


Which is fitting since Imperial is what gave the town its name. I was hoping for Sugar Land Imperials or even Sweets. Local news is reporting that the actual runner up names were the King Canes and the Lizard Kings (?!!!).

I don't know where the latter came from. When I think of Sugar Land, I think of money and prisons. I certainly don't think of Jim Morrison.

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Whenever I see the claim "[insert team name here] are the only professional sports team to have these team colors", I usually double-check. Most of the time it's not entirely true, but in this case it actually is.

That shade of Yellow is fairly unique:


I'm not finding any pro teams that have ever used that shade of Yellow; however, Florida State U. uses it as an alternate color for their Gold, and both Iowa State and the U. of the Pacific utilize it as part of their "supplemental institutional colors".

(More crap that I find interesting. I'm probably the only one...)

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